Another day ending

It’s actually a nice day outside today.  I stepped out at 2pm to grab a sandwich for lunch and stop by the bank.  I had to rush in and out, checking my watch frequently, because I had back-to-back meetings to “police” and I had just stepped out between the start and end of an hour long meeting 15 minutes after it had begun.  I’m getting quite good at zipping in and out — and mostly, I have been keeping within reasonable timing.  (Yes, even if I have to go down from the 41st floor to the 23rd floor and brave the elevator traffic, then down to the ground floor.)  Much to my surprise, I now see that 2pm is a good time to stop by the bank because everyone is back at their office desks instead of clogging the lines for the tellers.

I wanted to stop by the park bench in the public area behind my building and enjoy the sunny day in the shade.  It was warm but not hot — breezy but comfortable even without a sweater.  My kind of day to just sit and enjoy the polluted air of the city and bask in the beauty of summer, behind the  shadow of this concrete canyon as it is sometimes referred to.

One of these days I will take a day off and do just that. Sit around and lounge away.  Go browsing in the stores without worrying about what time I need to get back, or which bus I should catch.  Maybe sit in one of the benches in the mall (which is that long walkway between the rows of elms off of the 57th street end) at Central Park and watch people as they walk by.  Maybe I can spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I had been there only once, and that was to have lunch with a favorite nephew/anak-anakan, Pearson — so I saw part of the entrance, walked in to the restaurant and that was that.

I brought my layouts for the journal but have not done much progress — busy… and kind of floating in and out of the journaling/artistic mode.  (In short, I’m stumped.)

I painted part of a layout that I managed to mess up last night, so I “repaired” it and that was that.  I haven’t written in my “WHAT DO I..” journal in a bit, although I’ve been lugging around the pages in my tote.  It’s been good to just sit and not do anything of late.  I keep making a mental list of things I want to do and finish, but they have pretty much remained unticked off.  (Lazy me..)

I’m in that phase.  (And I’m trying to get out of it.)  Could be the heatwave the past few days has fried my brains… HA!

So what do I do to get unstuck?  I write and scold myself for being stuck (like right now)… and I just ride it out.  There’s tomorrow.. and the next day… and the next.

I’m thinking about Paris.  I see the Eiffel Tower on my desktop here in the office — one of the pictures I had taken 8 or 7  years ago — and which I had meant to be my next Zentangle project which remains on the drawing board because I just don’t want to do any serious zentangling at the moment.  My heart isn’t into it.. I do zentangle bits and pieces, but I’ve set aside the major zentangling pieces for now. 

Time to make dinner.. nilagang manok for the boy and banana pancakes for me.. breakfast treat for dinner.. =)

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