Art Journal Every Day with Angelo: I love Mom

Art Journal Every Day with Angelo: I love Mom

I wanted to keep this as playful and “innocent” as my eight-year-old is at this point.  I asked him to draw me something and I just added a few details and scribbled all around it to make it a collaborative effort between us.  Precious!

While majority of my pieces have been solo works, I decided to incorporate Angelo’s artwork and writings in some of the journal entries I’ve created to help keep those bits and pieces of his second grade in school year alive in my own compilation.  I want to keep encouraging him to write and draw like I had been encouraged when I was younger.  He may be no Picasso or Van Gogh, but the fact that he is able to express what is in his heart is enough to make it doubly rewarding to get these special art works from him.

I just got him his own watercolor palette over the weekend so you can expect to see more of our joint entries here in the coming days.  Below is the original painting by Angelo.

I love you, Mom

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