Getting ready for August

Can you believe it’s already August in a few days?  Where did the year go…  It’s a muggy Sunday where we are and I really want to take advantage of the chance to stay at home and get a few things done.  Not that Saturday was unproductive.  I’m trying to make some progress in my list of “works in progress” and am going to wrap that up later.  Mostly jewelry that is being made upon request.  For one, I’m trying to make some rosary bracelets for my sister, Ofie, and I’m working on the polymer clay necklace for Cora.  (Lou, still putting the components for your requested necklace together.)

I’ve completed an Art Journal Every Day entry (to be posted later) and have begun two others which might or might not get done today.  (No pressure.)  I’ve been catching up on Covert Affairs here in the kitchen while preparing lunch.

I haven’t really sat down except to eat my usual Sunday pancake breakfast.  The good news is, everyone’s been fed.  And since it’s summer, I don’t have homework for Monday to worry about.  Just keeping Angelo here for the week as his first real summer at home begins.  (Day camp ended Friday..)

Another work week begins.  I’m just feeling a little under the weather — no, it’s not a bug.  Just my body telling me to go and take things easy.  One Art Journal work in progress might’ve been prophetic — my body is telling me: “JUST BE”.

I’ve been trying to visit other blogs and I’m starting a blogroll (BLOG TRAILS) on a new page beginning with these two artists, in addition to my source of creative inspiration on a daily basis, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs.


* JORDAN HILL via Balzer Designs (Read the guest post HERE) and visit Jordan’s blog THE CREATIVE ARTIST

IN THE SUN by Natalie Malik (via Jordan’s blog)