Feedback on Feedback: Mom to Mom with Carina

I’m slow responding to Feedback, but it ALWAYS makes my day.  So thanks to Carina Israel for leaving a note below in response to my Art Journal Every Day post about Angelo and his special someone here:

Carina wrote:

Angelo’s note is so touching. Mababa ang luha ko – so yes, I teared up haha.  Something about sons showing/writing their love for their mothers touches so deeply. Maybe bcoz I also have a son :)

And the Pinay New Yorker says:

Motherhood has always been a passion for me and as I always tell him, he’s the most important person to Mommy.  And like you, I tear up or get touched deeply when I see a boy telling his Mom something nice, like one time I was on the subway and a boy around 8 told his Mom from across me, “I love you, Mom.”  I told myself I’ll be that mom and that’ll be Angelo a few years from now.  And that’s my now. =)

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