More Newspaper Collage Postcards

[09] Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - The Wall Street Journal 03Aug2012 #4
Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - The Wall Street Journal 03Aug2012 #4

I’m really enjoying creating my Newspaper Collage postcards.  I have around 6 works in progress in the hopes of stocking up on items to trade — but with the weekend edition papers in, I think I’ll have to limit myself to 4-6 postcards per edition.  The good news is that I finally got the hang of modpodging the collage to flatten and “seal” it, and I did the “pressing” correctly this time by inserting the collage postcard between a “card” of parchment paper.

They also don’t take a lot of time.  I can quickly go through one complete edition with all the sections intact, pick out backgrounds, headlines and then assemble it in a matter of minutes.  The finishing takes less than half an hour which I would have to do at home.  (Still owe on the “how-to”, I know.)

So for the latest four I posted on my Flickr account set Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcards, I used a Mod Podge  Glue, Matte Finish and applied it with a make up sponge I got from the dollar store as a set.  Very fine application which was just perfect.  I used approximately 3-4 coats on each postcard and it came out nicely, except that the matte finish seems to have muted the intensity of the print on the original clipping.  But the upside was, it looked flattened and sealed the edges of the clippings.   Unfortunately I’ve run out of the Mod Podge Gloss Finish so I can’t experiment right now, but I plan to get more over the weekend and be able to compare the finish I will want to use.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing uploading my postcards a few at a time to my Flickr Collection, although I haven’t quite gotten to the section of duplicates available for trade.  I’m also trying to apply to postcard groups for future exchanges.  Sorting through them has also given me a chance to start taking stock of what I have in the collection, and the duplicates I have for trade.

When I buy postcards, I usually buy at least one extra postcard (or two) of the same more so when I know of a particular trading partner who collects that type of postcard specifically.  (For example, I have quite a stash of stadium postcards but I don’t personally collect them.)

I also do duplicates of maps.  I have a New York map which, unfortunately, is drawn and not photographic.

You’ll have to pardon the quality of the photos of my postcards.  As they are meant to represent the collection and are not really “the collection”, I’ve tried my best to take decent pictures, but definitely not printable or enlargeable.  The idea is to create a body of photos showing what I have.

The captions for each photo in Flickr are the captions at the back of the postcards.

Again, if you are interested to receive one of my newspaper collage postcards, art postcards, viewcards of New York, or just want to start a general trade, please e-mail me at  I will do postmarked exchanges or sets in an envelope.