My weekend has begun

My weekend officially started when I walked up to the house at just after 4pm.  Whoa.  Yes, around 4:30pm.  At that point, I had already spent half a day in the office, bought lunch (and postcards) in the pouring rain for the little guy, and then stopped by Toys R’Us as I had promised.  The bus took a while to come but come it did, but a half dozen stops before the house, the boy started to feel sick so we got off.  Too far to walk.  We waited for the next local bus.  Thank God, the sun was shining on our side of the city.  The only thing was it would drop us off a quarter more of the distance we would’ve had to walk from the bus stop to the house had we not gotten off the first time.  But — I had no choice.

I had a headache myself by the time I put my bags down.  I crept onto the  bed, took out the laptop and answered queries and messages about the postcard exchanges.  I’m happy. =)  Half a dozen postcards on their way out.  And I even found a Pinoy teacher trading postcards from Bulacan.  A new friend.

It’s been a productive day but I’m tired and the boy is bugging me silly. =-)