Weekend at Great Wolf Lodge

We spent the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos and we’re heading back to New York this evening. The boy had a lot of fun which is the whole point of the trip, and while we wish we could’ve stayed an extra day, work awaits. We are planning to take a day or two off again (like Tuesday) and maybe catch The Bourne Legacy..
At Great Wolf Lodge Poconos, 19Aug2012
With summer almost over, we’re tryring to enjoy the warm weather. School begins first week of September and after that, we would have to rely on school breaks for any long vacations. This one proved to be quite an enjoyable one, with us finally getting to a Great Wolf Lodge resort between planning on their Poconos and Virginia locations. The food was great — fantastic seafood buffet — and their burger passed the “Angelo test”. The boy is getting to be the burger connoiseur between the burgers of Bobby Flay, The Counter and Pat LaFrieda’s gourmet burgers on Fresh Direct. And this one actually has a real Starbucks store in contrast with the regular hotel cafes which just “brew” Starbucks coffee.

While I have not completed any newspaper collage postcards, I haven’t forgotten them. I will catch up this coming week with Friday’s postcards and the weekend edition of The Wall Sreet Journal
which I’ll be getting tomorrow at work.

I am continuing to catalogue my postcard collection on Flickr, but the progress is slow. That is going to be one long-term project but I am in no rush. The good thing is that it’s helping me to put my postcards in order and get rid of the ones that aren’t really part of the collection.

And still on the postcards — like our previous trips, I’m sending home postcards for our travel diary, and I even got Angelo to write the dedication on one of them. Great Wolf Lodge Poconos had four postcards available but no local postcards, though. At least I’m sending out something which Angelo can look forward to receiving in the coming days.

I decided to sit out the swimming today and I’ve been relaxing on one of the pool deck chairs, standing guard. Did one “FACES” piece for my IUOMA group, and I learned that signpen ink doesn’t dry quickly when used on Gesso. So it got kind of messy, but I’m happy with the way it turned out all in all. (Chalking that up as one of those “I learn something new everyday” bits.)

I had worked over a color photocopy of a favorite face and had painted gesso on the background. This gives me another bright idea for using my own photographs for mail art and my Art Journal.

The water looks very inviting but I am staying put here and just enjoying the rest of the afternoon.

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