Postcard Weekend

I had hoped to get some art journaling done, but the whole weekend has been POSTCARDS, POSTCARDS and more POSTCARDS.  I’m not complaining.  The return to collecting has been rejuvenating, and while I have received postcards, I’ve started getting rid of some of the mint postcards I have which are not within my collecting interests.  More importantly, I’ve started sorting out my collection and putting them together in a more organized fashion.  I’m still missing some important portions of my collection which must be in an unmarked box in the attic.

Postcards from Philippines, The: Map 1I spent late Saturday afternoon sweating it out up there and went down with what I know is my “secondary” map collection.  I have quite a task ahead photographing them for the my Flickr set on Map Postcards.  I also found my more recent Philippine postcards.  (I have around 50 postcards to upload so as of tonight, I only have one Philippine map there.)

The weekend was quiet but productive.  I didn’t go to Michael’s Friday but managed to go Saturday.  I didn’t grab much — just more acrylic paint dabbers which I hope will get me going on the art journaling.  I’ve also started an altered book.  Figured I have so many “junk” books — books that I grabbed from clean ups in the office which were brand new but which are of no interest to me.  So today, I started painting the pages with backgrounds, experimenting with watercolor, gesso and acrylic paint.  I’m learning.

Lessons learned:

– Watercolor seeps through the page which made it necessary for me to gesso the next page.

– Gesso does stick — although just a little.

– Acrylic paint on a blank ungessoed page will cover the text

– I have to learn to work with a protective backing between pages as I paint (and so I cut a plastic folder in two, putting one sheet under the current sheet I’m working on).

I took off the dust jacket and covered the hard cover with masking tape.  I haven’t quite decided what I will do with that for the cover, but I do know that I had to protect it from the paint.

In sorting through my materials, too, I found some old printouts of pictures taken during one of my trips to Paris.  I had printed out some pictures with a lot of motion in them as there was a time I was fascinated by the images you caught when the images were blurred, or when the lights formed lines in the picture as the lens attempted to capture as much light as it could.  I have cut them up and will try to incorporate them in some mail art.  The pressure is on as some colleagues from IUOMA are going to start sending mail art, so I have to start producing.

I didn’t get the tools out but I did start sorting my findings again.  (Getting there.)  I have emptied two containers to make room for more to store away.  I have put the polymer clay in a box.  The best thing is, I relisted at least 5 items in my Gotham Chick shop on Etsy.  Hooray for that!  I want the store to be fully stocked in time for the holidays…

It’s another Sunday making me wish there was another day to the weekend, or that tomorrow wasn’t Monday yet.  But it is.  Work awaits.  I’m hoping I wake up early enough and that I don’t have to be stressed out about making it to my 8:30am start.  Monday’s here again.  I’d like to think of the start of the week with positive vibes — no matter how I really feel about it all.  One thing I’ve learned is that my outlook on things can change the way things look or feel — and that’s what keeps me going.

I can let a joke slide and tell myself that though that hurts, I cannot say anything.  I shouldn’t say anything.  Mistakes I have made have put me in that position, so as they say, I have to just suck it up.  In one ear, out the other.  It’s something I owe that I will never get to pay back — even through my lifetime.  So I don’t say anything.  I take a deep breath, and I go on.

My latest Newspaper Collage Postcard

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