Back to the old look, back to my postcards

Okay, I have to admit, I’m a creature of habit.  (Tapa all week long? I used to do that…)  I tried a different ‘look’ but it didn’t quite feel right, so I’m back to this layout.

Saturday morning.  I just sat down at 11:35 (finally!) after waking up close to 9am.  Ate breakfast in front of the TV and then proceeded to photograph more postcards.  (Photographing vs. Scanning? Photos work better for me, but I have to admit it takes some angling and set up.  I think I am getting the hang of it, though.)

In 10 minutes I have to prepare lunch for the mother-in-law. No cooking.  Just heating and fixing the portions.  I already made rice earlier this morning for the breakfast of the boys.  Another Saturday here.  I’m trying to decide if what I’m going to do next after the lunch is ready.  (The boy is bugging me about doing another video for “THE ANGELO REPORT” on the toys we got yesterday, but I told him I’m not taking a video of him in his pajamas.  That’ll have to wait for later before we leave for errands when he’s dressed appropriately.)

I’m trying to get him into postcard collecting but more to introduce him to the children back home (found a teacher in Bulacan with whom I’ll be trading postcards with and I’m trying to arrange for his students to write us), and hopefully help him improve his handwriting and writing skills.  Of course I know half the effort will come from me, but I want to broaden his horizons, so to speak, and get in him touch with his Filipino heritage beyond his family.  I am trying to sort through my collection to get rid of duplicates as well, and I didn’t realize that I had traded away a lot of the ordinary New York postcards which are no longer available.  I guess because I could easily pick up those postcards off of the souvenir stores in Manhattan, I figured I could always have access to them.  But the landscape keeps changing and even the postcard stocks do.  There are some artsy postcards I purchased in specialty shops like bookstores, and I don’t know if those are still available.  Learning from that experience, I’m now setting aside one copy of each postcard I buy in multiples to trade with.  I managed to save quite a few, but I remember quite a number I wish I had kept copies of.

I’ve managed to keep the postcards in mint condition by keeping them in hard shoe boxes, and I’m trying to get to the map postcards sorted by states to begin with so I can upload them and people can see which postcards I DO NOT have.  Since I started collecting in 1985, I’ve amassed quite a collection, in different shapes and sizes, and even New York, believe it or not, has at least 4 map postcards out there, not counting the Manhattan map from the local Disney Store.  (I’m not even sure it’s still the same map available there since they’ve moved locations.  Have to check that one out one of these days.)

Long Island Map (Showing Montauk Lighthouse)
When I see a postcard rack, my eye has been trained to look for map postcards right away, be it here in New York, in the newstands of Paris, at the airports we stop or land in, or in the souvenir shops in New York and elsewhere.  I always grab more than one because there are a lot of map postcard collectors out there, and since it’s a very particular collecting interest, we usually want a map postcard in return.  During my last 4 trips home, I’ve also picked up postcards of Boracay and other provinces of which they produced combined map and multiviews postcards with.

Lighthouse postcards, my second main collecting interest, are a little trickier to come by because they are normally not available in land locked states or areas where they are not close to the sea.  Being from the East Coast, though, I am lucky that even New York has its share of lighthouses, even if the postcards are not available in the city.   In fact when we travel close to one, we try and make it a point to visit the actual lighthouse and take pictures.  The good news is that there are a lot of lighthouse postcard collectors who will swap for them as well.  I have had the good fortune of visiting and taking pictures of at least two of the most famous lighthouses in the country (Montauk Point Lighthouse in Long Island, and Cape Neddick or the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine) and I am going to attempt to produce my own postcard using my photography.  (Another post being drafted on that one.)  Of course, most postcard collectors prefer the commercially printed ones.  So I’m very happy to have come across mail art and found a group of people in the IUOMA who are all into handmade or privately produced postcards.  (And yes, I found kababayans there, too.)

Mail Art Watercolor Background 10
Watercolor on Gesso postcard

Mail Art.  I have always been awed by how creative people can get, and I try.  More for personal therapy and as a ways of communicating, but I try.  The reason I emphasize this is I am completely bowled over by the talent of the people in that group.  I am looking forward to start swaps in that area, but I am trying to come up with something decent to exchange with.  As it happens, there is a minimalist group for which my existing set of watercolor backgrounds on gesso would work well with.

Here’s another interesting collecting genre: FREECARDS or ADVERTISING cards, and I have a ton of them.  Back when I started, I received them from Singapore, Europe and of course, the United Stated.  There was a time a local company in Manila attempted to get into the business but they didn’t quite click there.

FREECARD: New York City Ballet 2003 Winter Season

They are literally FREE and are picked up from racks in cafes or stores and are meant to advertise the subject of the card.  I have seen less and less of these in New York and am wondering if they are still around.  I keep only one of each and are now using the freecards as backing or postcard base for my mail art.  I am NOT trading them right now and will keep what I have as is, but I know what a collecting interest means to a postcard collector.  I’ve started a Flickr set to showcase the more interesting ones but not all are available for trade.  Unfortunately, this is not a priority in terms of documenting what I have in the collection so you’d have to e-mail me if you are interested in them.

If you are interested to receive one of my own postcards or wish to trade, please e-mail me at

I have a general album of POSTCARDS AVAILABLE FOR TRADE OR EXCHANGE which will change according to what is available.  The photographing and uploading is taking a lot of time so I am not going as fast as I hope I could, so if you are looking for a particular postcard, please e-mail me.  I am looking to get rid of a few boxes of postcards that are not within my collecting interests, and I might have something you are looking for.

Happy postcard collecting!

My weekend has begun

My weekend officially started when I walked up to the house at just after 4pm.  Whoa.  Yes, around 4:30pm.  At that point, I had already spent half a day in the office, bought lunch (and postcards) in the pouring rain for the little guy, and then stopped by Toys R’Us as I had promised.  The bus took a while to come but come it did, but a half dozen stops before the house, the boy started to feel sick so we got off.  Too far to walk.  We waited for the next local bus.  Thank God, the sun was shining on our side of the city.  The only thing was it would drop us off a quarter more of the distance we would’ve had to walk from the bus stop to the house had we not gotten off the first time.  But — I had no choice.

I had a headache myself by the time I put my bags down.  I crept onto the  bed, took out the laptop and answered queries and messages about the postcard exchanges.  I’m happy. =)  Half a dozen postcards on their way out.  And I even found a Pinoy teacher trading postcards from Bulacan.  A new friend.

It’s been a productive day but I’m tired and the boy is bugging me silly. =-)

My Little Guy, the Big Man

On the way home last night, my little guy calls and leaves a message, and speaking in as authoritative a voice as an 8-year-old can muster, he says “Mama, don’t forget to get me a large strawberry ice cream later, okay?”

It is so amusing that he can actually speak like an adult on a juvenile topic like ice cream, and I can’t help but smile at the thought that my boy is growing up so fast.  He stands taller than my shoulders now so I’ve had to get his next size in jeans.  (And I am not getting a reprieve on that because GAP continues to have a monopoly on “hook” instead of button jeans.  And for some reason, he thinks anything that aren’t jeans are “uncool”.). Still, scary or eerie musical scores get to him — even if he can sit through the gore of CSI, the monsters of Grimm or the goo of Fringe.  (Here’s grown up question while catching an episode of Fringe: “Mama, is that Walter or Walternate from the parallel universe?”..)  His hugs are tighter now although I can’t help but wonder if his fascination for boobies are because of his having been breastfed to age 2.

He’s a very, very picky eater, too, but once he finds a certain food item to his liking, like me, he will eat it meal after meal.  Just as I can have tapa with itlog na maalat and kamatis or inihaw na tilapia for lunch all week, he’ll have pan de sal or cereal and milk or bacon and rice every day.

I marvel at how much of me I see in him, and I keep hoping he becomes an even better me.  I often catch myself babying him which I am trying very hard not to do too much of, but I start thinking of when he will not be as affectionate as now so I try to enjoy it while it lasts.  Already, he is refusing to rub noses with his Dad in public which is their “exclusive” show of affection to each other.  But kisses are still okay, he says.

He’s growing up so fast.  Before I know it, he’ll be going off to college.

Tomorrow, we have a date in the city.  I’m still trying to decide if I’ll do a half day or take the day off, but he’s not accepting a rain check.  He says we WILL go.  The Museum of Modern Art apparently has a toy car exhibit which I read about while doing one of my newspaper collage postcards.  (One thing I like about doing the collage postcards is that I get to skim the headlines at least and occasionally, stop and read a full article.  I have friends who check on the day’s news by going to, and here I am with multiple copies available not only of The New York Times, but of The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times as well, and I am not reading the news!)

But back to my little guy.  I promised him we’d go check the exhibit, but not before we check out the kid paradise that the Times Square Toys R’Us is nearby.

This one’s a little tough to disappoint — he is, as we say in the vernacular, pikon.  I’m sort of watching that because I want him to be able to deal with disappointments better.  Again, a little bit of the younger me in him again.  I only wish he’d get over it sooner than I did.  (Hoping to save him from the heartache and frustration.). Then again, we learn from our heartaches and frustration.  It is through falling that we learn how to get up again.  As his Mom, I guess, I wish I could take the fall for him, but we can really only do so much.  Sometimes, all we can really do is watch from a distance.

I like these dates he and I have.  I hope that when he’s older, he’ll be able to say “I loved those times we went out together, just you and me, Mama..” .. I know I will…

International Union of Mail-Artists

My curiosity about Mail-Art or Correspondence art was so piqued that I searched for groups or websites dedicated to them and I landed here, the home of the International Union of Mail-Artists or IUOMA.  I’m still trying to navigate my way around there, and have been in awe of the serious art exchanged in the mail.  I love the whimsical, too, and enjoy reading the stories behind the postcards or other forms of mail art exchanged and posted.

I was actually surprised they accepted me, and I found that this is a very big group with a very broad membership.  I can fit into so many tiny gaps here and there among the giants.

POSTCARDS: Mail Art - FACESOne particular group that attracted me was a group called “EXCHANGE FACES” for which I painted my first “face”.  I’m not particularly good at it but you’ll never know unless you try, so try, I did.  Again, I surprised myself.  It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would turn out to be, even if I only used highlighters in different colors and a silver oil paint based marker.  I also drew on top of a newspaper background that I had already glued onto a freecard.  I really meant to just draw what would be the “avatar” of this series in my Flickr collection of postcards.

The Newspaper collage postcards  have been coming along pretty well, too, and I’ve been good with the “creating” except that I’m missing August 2.  I remind myself to limit the time spent on creating the collage so that I don’t end up doing too much.  Two postcards tops for August 6 and 7 for a total of 4 today.  I’m going to try and make one a day at least and hope to do this as a habit.

Time for me to hit the sack now… Meanwhile, let me share with you one of the four newspaper collage postcards I made today.  Please click on the image to be taken to the set on Flickr.

[17] Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - The Wall Street Journal 06Aug2012 #1

Art Journal Every Day: Talking to myself

I so titled this entry because the journaling is very personal and I executed it in such a way that it was only visible to me.

Acrylic paint backgroundI started with this background which was pink and blue acrylic over a grey watercolor background.  I am just starting to work with acrylic paint, so I wanted to see how it was to use it.  The idea was just to create a background and test these two shades of liquid acrylic paint I had gotten from Michael’s.

Then one day, after reading up on Jordan Hill’s guest post in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog where Jordan showed his process step-by-step, I saw that journaling doesn’t have to be always on top of the work.  Journaling can be done under the artwork .

As Jordan shared:

“The first step for me, in any of my art journal pages is a very basic layer of journaling. The best way to do this is to go to any search engine, type in “journal writing prompts”, and choose one out of the hundreds of thousands of prompts that pop up. My current favorite is something known as the 5000 Question Survey. Most people, when filling this out, will simply use words in a notebook. Others will use a blog. However, I find it extremely enjoyable to use them as art journal prompts. It becomes a lot more enjoyable for me personally. x x x

I used a sharpie marker to write all over my background in response to this prompt. This is not meant to be read, and we will be covering this layer up with lots of paint. This is meant for you alone, to explore the topic at hand, and to reveal your true feelings about them. You can do as much or as little journaling as you wish. I normally do a single page of journaling, but you can go to a second page for a spread, or you may even stack one layer of journaling on top of each other, turning your journal, and writing in different directions.”

Then Jordan proceeded to paint over the journaling.

Art Journal Every Day - Work in Progress:Journaling over BackgroundI did it the same and a little differently by beginning with what was top of mind to me and writing it in using a Sharpie pen in black.  I just wrote spontaneously, and I actually would have been proud of what I had written but it is too personal to share for now.  It’s a very humble me talking to me.  To paraphrase Jordan, this is meant for (me) alone, to explore the topic at hand, and to reveal (my) true feelings about them.

The art journal entry actual sat this way for a couple of days until tonight when I finally decided I would look for a quote from one of my favorite authors who has taught me a lot, the late Leo Buscaglia.  A very prolific writer with a library of books to his name, it wasn’t difficult to find something that was very apt to what I felt in my heart.

I exist, I am, I am here, I am becoming, I make my own life and no one else makes it for me. I must face my own shortcomings, mistakes, transgressions. No one can suffer my non-being as I do, but tomorrow is another day, and I must decide to leave my bed and live again. And if I fail, I don’t have the comfort of blaming you or life or God. ” 
― Leo BuscagliaLiving Loving and Learning  

At first I thought I’d just draw and paint pink flowers over the journaling, covering it with graphics like Jordan did, but I thought instead of just writing the quote from Leo’s book  on top of the journal entry using a metallic marker.  I picked up my Elmer’s Painter’s Pearlescent markers and of course picked up pink as it would blend easily with the pink acrylic background, and blend it did.

Keeping it simple.  After all, it’s just me talking to me.

Art Journal Every Day: Talking to myself

If you want to see more of my Art Journal, please click here, or you can always choose my Art Journal Every Day page from the list on the top left of the blog page.

I invite you to view the Flickr Group dedicated to this endeavor byclicking here, and be inspired to create your own art journal. (Artistic talent optional.)


Elmers Painters Pearlescent Markers
Sharpie Permanent Marker Chisel Tip in Black
Americana Acrylic Paint Royal Fuchsia

Americana Acrylic Paint Ultramarine Blue

More Newspaper Collage Postcards

[09] Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - The Wall Street Journal 03Aug2012 #4
Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - The Wall Street Journal 03Aug2012 #4

I’m really enjoying creating my Newspaper Collage postcards.  I have around 6 works in progress in the hopes of stocking up on items to trade — but with the weekend edition papers in, I think I’ll have to limit myself to 4-6 postcards per edition.  The good news is that I finally got the hang of modpodging the collage to flatten and “seal” it, and I did the “pressing” correctly this time by inserting the collage postcard between a “card” of parchment paper.

They also don’t take a lot of time.  I can quickly go through one complete edition with all the sections intact, pick out backgrounds, headlines and then assemble it in a matter of minutes.  The finishing takes less than half an hour which I would have to do at home.  (Still owe on the “how-to”, I know.)

So for the latest four I posted on my Flickr account set Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcards, I used a Mod Podge  Glue, Matte Finish and applied it with a make up sponge I got from the dollar store as a set.  Very fine application which was just perfect.  I used approximately 3-4 coats on each postcard and it came out nicely, except that the matte finish seems to have muted the intensity of the print on the original clipping.  But the upside was, it looked flattened and sealed the edges of the clippings.   Unfortunately I’ve run out of the Mod Podge Gloss Finish so I can’t experiment right now, but I plan to get more over the weekend and be able to compare the finish I will want to use.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing uploading my postcards a few at a time to my Flickr Collection, although I haven’t quite gotten to the section of duplicates available for trade.  I’m also trying to apply to postcard groups for future exchanges.  Sorting through them has also given me a chance to start taking stock of what I have in the collection, and the duplicates I have for trade.

When I buy postcards, I usually buy at least one extra postcard (or two) of the same more so when I know of a particular trading partner who collects that type of postcard specifically.  (For example, I have quite a stash of stadium postcards but I don’t personally collect them.)

I also do duplicates of maps.  I have a New York map which, unfortunately, is drawn and not photographic.

You’ll have to pardon the quality of the photos of my postcards.  As they are meant to represent the collection and are not really “the collection”, I’ve tried my best to take decent pictures, but definitely not printable or enlargeable.  The idea is to create a body of photos showing what I have.

The captions for each photo in Flickr are the captions at the back of the postcards.

Again, if you are interested to receive one of my newspaper collage postcards, art postcards, viewcards of New York, or just want to start a general trade, please e-mail me at  I will do postmarked exchanges or sets in an envelope.


Sunday schedule

I am going to try to get some “sorting” done amongst my craft supplies and my postcards, hopefully, so I am vowing to write here for no longer than an hour this morning.  (Tick, tock, tick, tock..)  I would like nothing more than to laze away in bed with the laptop, but I have a ton of things I only get done on the weekends, because week days get too packed with the distraction of work.

The headache is better… it is HOT again in New York, though, so I am seeking refuge in the bedroom where the cool air from the night’s airconditioning makes the morning more bearable.  I’ve been hit by allergies, though, so I am sniffing away again.  (Allergy meds to the rescue!)

I spoke with my Mom last night.  We don’t do that often enough, I realize. I think I’ll try to do it more often.  She’s telling me I should stop sending her black shoes — how about beige or brown.. =)  Now you know where my fettish for shoes came from. HA!

My Art Journal Every Day backgrounds were sitting in a folder under the laptop so I was reminded about moving forward on that.  Last week, I had one entry I posted to my facebook account but wasn’t able to post here because I had difficulty getting into the site from work (during my break!) because they are now using quota time for personal sites.  =(  Not happy.  It prevented me from going bloghopping myself, except for sites like mine which have their own domains tacked on.  (i.e., and  So I missed out on my daily dose of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer until the evening when I accessed from home.  I do have a technical remedy but it will mean not doing it from my desktop which shouldn’t be too much of a hassle if I can find the time to move away from my little corner of a desk at work.

But back to my unposted Art Journal Every Day entry — it’s also a little harder this time around because it’s speaks to a very emotional topic for me which is my Auntie Lydia, an older sister of my Dad —  a lady who stood by as a second mother to me in my formative years, more like a governess of sorts although I wouldn’t call her that.  (My mom was mostly attending to our business, so Auntie Lydia was there making sure the little things were duly taken cared of.)  She made sure we spoke English at home, had our homework done, that we were all in bed at a reasonable hour, and that we were always well-mannered, be it on the table, when meeting people or when speaking.  She used to  be a nun who had to leave her vocation due to one cancer after another hitting her — and she managed to survive to past 60.  She’s been gone more than 20 years now, but she is always a part of me.  I should really leave the post about her when I finally put up the entry.

(Momentarily distracted by the next post on

July and August are turning out to be very emotionally ridden for me because of Dad’s birthday and death anniversary, Auntie Lydia’s birthday, and at the end of the month comes my older brother’s birthday and death anniversary.  Isn’t it strange that birth and death can bring such opposite forms of celebration or commemoration but which nonetheless strike such a cord in our hearts?  Yet at the same time, it reminds me that they are forever with me.

I have a friend on Facebook to whom I had sent a message of condolence and prayer as she celebrated her niece’s first year death anniversary.  I did not get a response — but I had expected that.  Grief is so uncanny in being forever present.  It doesn’t have a deadline or an “expiration date”.  They say you never really get over it.  It’s just “there”.  You just learn to live with it in a better way — even if the pain doesn’t dissipate or get any lighter.   Like most things that bring pain to me, I try instead to dwell on the positive — the happy memories.  I told her I was praying for her and her niece’s family.  I left it at that.  I don’t expect conversations about grief to be a real exchange.  It gets painful, even for me.  I just had to send my well-wishes, show a little kindness.

But even for those who are still living and who poke their head into that room where we sit quietly with our memories and who evoke only pain, sometimes the “happy” is not enough to keep the pain away.  Perhaps it’s an emotional defensive reaction that too much pain eventually transforms into anger, then we go numb.  When that comes over me, I close my eyes and I shut a door in my heart.  Then I remind myself to move on to the next room.

In the beginning, thoughts about my Dad used to do that to me.  The pain and the anger were too much that I didn’t even know how I got so close to tears and I’d have to take a deep breath to stop myself from giving in.  But eventually, it subsided.  Now I just miss Papa.  Two years after he passed on, I know that dealing with the anger and the hurt is an exercise in futility except when you hope to weed it out and bid it farewell.  It brings me nothing but bad memories, so I stick instead to his laughter, and the earlier years when there was more joy.  When we were father and daughter.

We deal with grief in different ways.  I blog… I do my art.. I dream about those days when Papa made me feel like I was THAT special to him.  I hear myself telling my half-sister that we have to make allowances for Papa’s shortcomings.  He loves us but he just didn’t know how to love us the right way.  I hear my voice and I take those words to heart.  And I realize that I had the good fortune to see Papa’s better side — that during those years when I resented him for being with my half-sister and her mom, he had actually been a better father to me.

I miss him dearly, despite all his shortcomings.. despite the pain.  I sometimes wish that he was still here.  I wish I could talk to him, but the upside of him being on the other side is that now, I can talk to him wherever and whenever.  (No need for a phonecard.)  Like right now.

Postcards and Mail Art: Newspaper Collage

I’m not feeling too well today.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or just my present medical condition, but I am really feeling weak.  I did manage to do errands with the boys and get home in one piece — and even pull together a decent dinner for all of us, but I’ve mostly done everything tonight while in bed.  (Like right now.)

So yes, I’ve started putting up some of my postcards in my Flickr account which you can view by going to this collection which, as of tonight, contains 5 sets: Lighthouses, Maps, Modern New York, Americana and Mail Art.   I have a subpage on Mail Art Backgrounds which I just uploaded but I am not including that in the collection for now.   I haven’t quite figured out how I will identify the postcards that I have duplicates to trade with — but that can wait for next time.  I have a long, long way to go, but at least I got it started.  (FINALLY!)

I’ve also put up a Postcard Exchange page (see link on the sections corner up on the left or on top of the page) which is still a work in progress.

Three days ago, during the course of my bloghopping, I chanced upon some art blogs which mentioned art postcard swaps which totally piqued my curiosity.  (One particular postcard swap I would’ve loved to participate in would have been Liberate Your Art 2012 from Kat Eye Studio but sign ups are already closed. )   End result was I found myself toying with the idea of creating newspaper collages on old postcards or just about any other paper I can cut into a 4.25″ x 6″ piece.

I was so inspired I created four pieces right away during my lunch hour but which I totally ruined by applying mod podge to later at night, then trying to flatten them by pressing them between the pages of a book I weighted down with something heavy.  End result was that the mod podge caused some of the “white” of the book page to adhere to the postcard, ruining it.

Newspaper Collage on Postcard gone wrong
Newspaper Collage on Postcard Gone Wrong

Well, it’s a learning experience for me.  As you can see, I’m Michael Phelps crazy (again).. just as I was 4 years ago.

As a postcard collector, I think it’s a novel idea to pull together part of the newspaper edition of the day in one postcard or several, then keeping them for posterity or to trade.  I make sure, though, to include the newspaper banner or part of it (which, in the case of my first batch, came from the August 1, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal.)  You will see a full “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL” and the full day and date in the piece.  These are all headlines and graphics and part caption.

My next set of collages done yesterday were more photo-centered, and this time, I made sure the photo credits were likewise included.  Or at least those that I can pull.  (I seem to have forgotten to clip the credits for the photo background but I will try to remedy that if I can still find a spare copy of this issue.  I managed to make a set of four from the August 1, 2012 edition of the New York Times this time around.)    Still Michael Phelps crazy but he’s the big news in the papers these days.

[4]  Mail Art: Newspaper Collage Postcard - NYTimes 01Aug2012 #4

Right now I’m still trying to decide if I will still try and do modpodge on this one, add other embellishments or elements to it, or maybe paint in some color?  If I do add some form of sealant or glaze on top, I will make sure to flatten it between sheets of parchment paper to avoid any part of the book page from adhering to the piece.  (Lesson learned!)

When the collages are ready, I intend to offer them for trade or just to send out to anyone interested.  Or I might just keep them and instead offer up photo print postcards instead to trade.

How-tos to follow via  I brought home three copies of Friday’s Wall Street Journal but had gotten busy with the watercolor backgrounds I did instead.  (More on that in another post.)

Art Postcards: Watercolor Backgrounds

Back to my Postcards

I have been collecting postcards for almost 20 years now, but my postcard collecting has been half-hearted the last couple of years.  I’ve mostly bought postcards from our trips, making a point of sending it back to us with inscriptions of the things we had done.  I have altogether stopped trading.

I am hoping to streamline my postcard collection to my main collecting interests which are: anything Filipino (vintage and new), anything New York (vintage and new), lighthouses, maps and now, art postcards or mail art.  I also have quite a collection of freecards or advertising cards from the Philippines, New York and other countries, but I just want to keep what I have and dispose of my duplicates or maybe make use of them as backing for altered postcards or mail art.

I have attempted to catalogue or upload my postcard collection to the web several times in the past, but finding an acceptable “format, theme or stylesheet” has been problematic so I gave up on that.  Well maybe it’s time to revisit the idea again.  I am seriously considering putting up a separate site altogether and maybe start trading again.  After all, I have a PRO Flickr account so might as well make the most of it.

One reason I had stopped actively trading was because I had fallen behind on some trades before I stopped.  I would like to make good on them but I have lost track.  Motherhood had gotten in the way, but I’ve always believed that I can always try to make up for my failure to make good on an exchange.  (Please e-mail me and let me know.)

Meanwhile, I’m so happy to have found that there are a lot of trading groups om Facebook.  Looks like the post office is getting some help with these snail mail trades.

Black and White Postcard of the Brooklyn Bridge

I have found postcard collecting very rewarding, more so when I was young and not yet able to travel.  I always said that postcards provided me a window to the world beyond the shores of the Philippines.

So I guess you can say I’m back to postcard trading, with the additional collecting interest of mail art or art postcards.

If you are interested to receive a postard from New York city, one of my art postcards (to trade for one of your own), or if you are interested to exchange postcards within my collecting interests or if you want  any of the postcards I am trying to weed out of my collection, please e-mail me with your mailing address IN THE FORMAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE WRITTEN ON THE POSTCARD at