Artist Trading Card: You Are Beautiful

Swap-Bot: You Are Beautiful (Collage)Swap-Bot: You Are Beautiful (backtag) I’m still rather shy sending out Artist Trading Cards but I finally signed up for a swap at  and came up with the ATC on the left and sent it on its way to Australia.  I’m just hoping that the recipient doesn’t feel short-changed when she gets mine.  I tried — I’m still learning.

It was supposed to be a motivational ATC about being beautiful and believing you are, so rather than put in some profound quote, I just went for a straight-forward admonition.  Ta-da!

I used some handmade paper from Manila, a heart from a wallpaper trim roll (bought from the dollar store), and I just put that “button” of sorts there with some scrap handmade paper and abacca twine.  That button actually proved to be the real challenge, but I got it together and I think it filled up what I thought was too much blank space somehow.  (Read more about how I did it here .  The link takes you to

I’m trying to go slow for now but I am enjoying learning the basics of ATCs and as I have always loved to create, I am truly having a ball making the cards.  I am thankful for the generosity of many experienced artists who are very open to helping me through my learning process.  Some are already sending me cards.  I can’t wait.

Special thanks go to Raine, a friend from a Filipino postcard trading group who draws her own ATCs, and to Katherine of the same group who urged me to join  Swap-bot.  Raine and her ATCs are another post altogether.  She also introduced me to ATCsforall.  (Another blog post on that coming.)