Just a little extra effort please

(Post drafted while on the bus home the previous night.)

I’m on my way home quite a bit before I usually do.  Parent-Teacher welcome tonight.

I rushed to the bus stop and actually caught a bus that had just closed its door but was still waiting for the light to go from red to green.  I knew he saw me running to his side, and I gently tapped on the door, but he ignored me.  I took a deep breath, stepped back and decided not to get all upset by it.  No sense in getting all riled up over something I couldn’t do anything about.  It’s just sad that sometimes, people don’t want to make nice.  So I waited for the next bus.

(Unbelievably, the heat is on in the bus.. airconditioning please!… looks like the driver heard me — cool air… finally!)

I have to admit I’m not always successful in going the extra mile when needed.  You know how sometimes you just don’t have the energy to expend the effort to wait a second more?  Or to bend down and pick up something?  Or when you rush past by when you could’ve slowed down a little… more so in years past.  These days, I try to give it a little more effort.  It’s often the little things that count in the course of your day.  And we find ourselves simply shrugging our shoulders and smiling when others don’t make the effort themselves.  I’d like to think that my giving it the effort will create some ripple effect.  Somewhere along the way, I’d like to believe I would’ve helped to make this world a kinder and better place.

Again, I am not always that successful.  Sometimes I give in to some evil thoughts lurking in my head about spreading chaos and cursing my (perceived) enemies or going on a monologue in my head just unloading what’s in my heart.  I try to stop myself when that happens because sometimes, it really gets to me.  It makes my heart tighten up and I get “distracted” and “derailed”.  And the feeling of my anger at myself creeps up from nowhere — and that makes me want to reach for my “happiness journal” for relief.

“Focus on the happy.”  I repeat that to myself over and over and over again.  And there are many things to be happy about. =)  (That thought literally made me smile.)

It just takes a little extra effort.  It doesn’t cost anything.

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