Artist Trading Card: Pinay New Yorker 1

I haven’t quite been able to create Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) except as needed for a swap. I just sent off my second ATC for the “Book Page & a Stamp” swap at I entitled it “Pinay New Yorker I” because I want to create a series of ATCs relating to my being a “Filipina living in New York”. I’ve already gathered relevant clipart for the New York part of the ATC and will be concentrating on the Filipino side.

I used my favorite subway map clipart for the main background and painted a gold coating over it. The book page came as a freebie from the store I bought my ATC sleeves and album sheets from. (Came in handy!) I singed the edge on the stove although that is hardly visible in the final work.

ATC: Book Page & A Stamp ATC SwapThe building I used is personally relevant to me because I had worked on the floor of the clock on this tower my first few years here in New York. The building still exists and remains to be one of the more elegant older landmarks here in the big apple.

More ATCs coming soon. I have some alphabet swaps due by the end of the week and I will render a “D” in the style the letters I send out will be rendered.

ATC swaps can be direct, meaning send to a designated partner assigned by a coordinator, or ran by a swap coordinator who receives all the cards and sends them out. My first two ATC swaps through Swap-bot were assigned partners so I sent them directly. The upcoming ones through will be through a coordinator. We have been requested to send three ATCs and we will receive three ATCs in return from three different participants.

My ATC Swap album only has 2 ATCs for now but I’m waiting on some from other fellow traders. I haven’t quite ventured on direct trades because I really don’t have the confidence to offer any. Not yet anyway.