First "ber" Month almost ended

I can’t believe that September is just about to end, with tomorrow being the 24th already. That’s three quarters of the year gone.

I’ve been trying to make room for another 6-compartment shelf I’ll be assembling in a while. So I haven’t really created anything today except for a set of ATC backgrounds I’ll be working on tonight or tomorrow. I have some postcards to pull together for swaps due tomorrow and an envelope to decorate in pink (which should be a breeze!), which reminds me, I sent out two pairs of envelopes yesterday.

Handmade Envelope: Make an Envelope #7  Handmade Envelope: Make an Envelope #7

I created these handmade envelopes with materials that I had in my stock of paper and painted and pasted on them. I hope they are not far too simple for the swap. I tried.

After mass this morning, I just wanted to rest. I’ve tried but I have the shelf to worry about. It’s almost 6pm and I’ve done as much as make room for it and cleaning up around the space where I will put the pair of shelves. I will assemble it tonight when things “quiet” down after dinner. (Which, by the way, I haven’t planned yet.)
Dinner was poached tilapia fillet with olive oil and soy sauce with sliced green onions. I added a side of bacon-wrapped scallops (which were so big I had to halve them.) I had a bola-bola siopao with my scallops, and I’m now winding down, getting ready to attack my shelf project. I did a few backgrounds in my altered book. That project is progressing rather well. Just browsing online for “happiness” quotes pushes up my happy quotient a notch or two higher with each passing day.

Last week was pretty busy for me socially, what with Cousin M (engaged to be married in a few days) now a New Yorker down in Brooklyn, and my new friend Elaine who moved here in May to join her husband. Brings me back memories of 12 years ago when I landed here myself… We had lunch… I brought Cousin M to Woodside and gave her the Phil-Am Store tour. Elaine came down to see me another day and I gave her the bead store tour. (Something I’m seriously considering getting a license for and making money out of.)

This week it’s going to be all work for me. (The boss is back from his week-long business trip.) I did get a lot of cleaning up done the previous week, and there was no stopping the meeting requests that come with or without the boss in the same timezone.

Well, time to get organizing. I am wrapping some hard boxes with pretty paper to use as stock boxes in the shelves I’m assembling, although we bought those foldable cloth bins that fit beautifully into the shelves. I am also such a fan of those see-through shoe boxes for my craft supplies, so I have a couple that would fit nicely into the compartments of the shelves.

I don’t need to buy all the bins I will use. There are some that are better made at home using the color scheme and the materials I prefer. For one, I don’t throw away shoe boxes unless they are beat up. I am using stationery boxes, though, for the bins I will wrap up. Did one last night and I’m more than happy. I might yet get to do another later. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

Sunday’s getting on rather slowly. I like that. No pressure. The boy’s ready to hit the sack and I’ve cleaned up after an early dinner. I’ll get down to assembling in a few minutes and hopefully get a few more “me” things done before I turn in for bed.

On the way home last Friday, I made a list of 12 things I had hoped I would get to do on a sticky I put on the cover of my altered book. I’ve crossed off around half which isn’t too bad. I’m going to try and do a list of three things I need to get done every day for the rest of the week to focus on my goals. That will hopefully get me doing more instead of “lingering” or floating from project to project.

What I regret I haven’t done is write the letters I had hoped to write today. Well, I have the lunch hour tomorrow.