Getting a dose of TV to cure the flu

I’m still aching all over so I decided to stay home Friday. I worked until almost mid-afternoon, though, so I don’t think this officially qualifies as a personal day. Thanks to technology, it’s doable.  My throat is still hurting although I don’t have a cold. My whole body is aching, though, and I’m steeping some jasmine tea in the kitchen.

The two adults of the house are sick, so no one’s here to take care of me. Not that I need taking care of. In a bit, I’ll be cooking the angus beef burgers we’re having for dinner. I’d really rather order out, but we already did pizza for lunch. And my beef burgers are delicious… I haven’t been able to do much except paint more backgrounds on My Altered Book.

My favorite TV shows are back, and I’m getting into some that I didn’t get to watch the first episode of in the previous season. Revenge, for one, has got me hooked. Of the new shows, I am totally enthralled by the story behind Revolution which I hope gets the ratings it needs to stay on the air despite its doomsday scenario. Of course, the best of the best, Scandal is back with Olivia Pope.  And Castle is now on it’s fourth season (!) and although I haven’t been watching Grey’s Anatomy for the longest time, their cliffhanger from last season made me watch their season premiere.


My fever finally broke Friday evening. I was feeling well enough to walk to the post office to make it to my swap deadlines by Saturday afternoon. I still feel a tad bit weak from the flu, though.  I hope to be feeling normal again tomorrow — there is a full week ahead to look forward to.

In the meantime, I’m keeping up with the water (gallons of it!) and the comfort of jasmine tea.

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