Trying to be nice

I don’t like being nasty but sometimes there are people and/or situations that bring out the worst in me.  And when the worst of the worst do that just like today, I simply close my eyes and say a prayer.  Life can be so much simpler if we only tried to listen with an open heart instead of shirking away from things we have to take responsibility for.

Enough wasted words.  Enough wasted space.

I’m looking at the clock and I see it’s 4:21pm.  I asked the tyke to call me back at 4pm.  Hmmmm…

The best part of my day is, as always, looking forward to being with this little guy.  Even if it sometimes means struggling through trying to be patient as we do homework, or asking him to take off his socks and bring them to the clothes hamper three times, nothing beats feeling his arms around me as he hugs me hello when I walk in through the door.