Artist Trading Card: Vintage Geisha 1

ATC: Asian-Oriental LadiesSo I initially wanted something like an origami geisha which I had seen in different websites, but finding the diagram to work with proved to be a bit of a challenge despite a nice small pack of origami paper.  I decided not to push it instead of risking not meeting the deadline.

For the background, I used Japanese calligraphy on a vintage postcard which I printed as is and then painted over (again) with gold acrylic paint.  I chose the photo from online pictures of vintage geishas and cut it out, decorating the card first with cutouts from chiyogami paper.  Ta-da!

Not much, I know, but I’m trying to develop better techniques.  For this swap, I had to create two of the same or similar cards — so the floral accents differed, but the lady and the background stayed the same.

I’m looking to create those origami geishas one of these days.  I haven’t stopped researching for diagrams and/or instructions.

This ATC is so titled because I have three different images of vintage geishas I want to work with.  There will be another two sets coming, swap or no swap.