Feeling blessed

We have come upon very difficult times in this part of the world.  First there was Hurricane Sandy, and now the Nor’easter that swooped down on us last night and left another swathe of devastation.  Trees that survived the hurricane force winds of the previous week finally gave in to the tremendous weight of snow.  Like all things, there is only so much abuse and torture a living creature can take.  Eventually, no matter how strong one’s fighting spirit may be, you bend and give in.

It was  a hazardous ride home last night as the bus I rode struggled to literally plow through the snow on the road.  It would’ve been normally easier if the snow plows had done their work sooner.  After almost three hours, I finally made it home as my bus zigzagged through fallen tree limbs on the roads we passed.  I waded into almost a foot of very soft fresh fallen wet snow.  It was a lovely sight to behold as snow tends to be luminous at night — truly awesome beyond words.  But I carefully trudged through slush and snow, hoping against hope that no limbs or branches would fall on me as I made my way through.

This morning, this is what greeted me.
Snow in Bayside - 07Nov2012

With the trees still heavy with leaves that had yet to “fall”, there was quite a lot of snow that would fall like a snow shower when the winds blew.  I had no choice but to walk in the middle of the street to make it to the bus stop.

A tree in the far right corner of this courtyard (shown on the lower righthand side of the picture) that had survived through many natural onslaughts through the last 10 years finally gave in.  It wasn’t uprooted, but many of its bigger branches fell and broke off.

Snow in Bayside - 07Nov2012

It is Mother Nature asserting her power and reminding us all who is in charge.

Through it all, I feel blessed.  We have been untouched by the wrath of nature, and if at all, have only suffered through the added trouble of commuting to work through the special circumstances brought on by damage caused elsewhere.  I feel for those whose homes are gone, or who are suffering through the ravages of no heat or no power.

It helps one to put things in perspective.

Sure, I am trying to get groceries for the next couple of days, but even without that extra trip to the grocery, I’m pretty well-stocked to the weekend.  (Just that the boy has run out of his favorite snack of the moment, but he has other choices.)

We are blessed indeed.