Serendipity Background 7: Skeleton Leaves and dried white flowers alternating with bits of woven cinnamay 2 (Upclose)

I am currently working on a serendipity background which is essentially a huge piece that one puts together with the intention of cutting up the original into smaller usable pieces.  So for Artist Trading Cards which measure 3.5″ x 2.5″, you essentially create one artwork to break up into the smaller cards.  I am working on two of my first ones, and the one pictured above is what I will use for the swap.  As I write this, I’m working on a tandem post in my craft blog,, which should be up before the weekend is done.

So you see a snapshot of but a portion of the serendipity background which measures 12″ x 12″ above.  I had some pressed rose petals that came in handy, some dyed skeleton leaves and woven cinnamay if not abaca fiber.  The white flowers were bought here in the US already.  I’m all excited.

According to Wikipedia,  “Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.”  So we’re looking for whatever “happy” or “pleasant surprise” this layering of materials will produce.

We come across a lot of happy accidents on a day-to-day basis which we often only realize upon reflection at a later point in time.  And sadly, not all happy accidents end up being happy once all is said and done.  Sometimes, the universe just plays a mean joke on us and we find ourselves just plain surprised — not “pleasantly.”

I’d like to find more $5 or $10 bills tucked into my coat pocket but wouldn’t want to have to spend that to pay for some unplanned expense.  It just seems that often, the happy ends up being pulled down by something in the opposite direction.

I’ve grown cynical about the upside of things in life in general.  We often find ourselves growing wary of letting ourselves get carried away with what might, at first glance, appear to be an abundance of good fortune.  At the back of our minds, we wonder what price it will exact from us.  Perhaps it’s just age getting the better of me.

The past weeks have been very challenging for the communities and states around me.  I will say it again, I have been blessed.  We have always been fortunate where we live.  No matter how much snow falls, we have managed to stay warm and toasty in our home.

I am touched, though, at the outpouring of notes, text messages and e-mails from friends who asked about how we were doing.  I know the prayers for our safety reached the heavens because we fared pretty well.  I am no longer surprised at how the threat to life and limb can make even those most determined to stay invisible crawl out of the woodwork and reappear.  It is heartening to note that through it all, my well-being still matters somehow to so many others and it’s not because I owe them any sum of money that they are afraid will end up not getting paid if anything untoward happens to me.. HA!

So other than trying to hurry through walking under the huge trees lining our streets on the way home and praying that I don’t find myself under a fallen branch or worse, an uprooted tree, or that I don’t slip in the ice in my Helix-like snow boots, I can take the cold as it stings my face.  It’s hard to answer the queries beyond “We survived unscathed.”  I get a little emotional knowing that many are still suffering even if we have barely gone into winter.

I have to admit that I often ask myself what I’m doing in a place that can be so brutally cold in the winter, cursing  under my steaming breath, as I walk briskly home.  Then I open the door and Angelo greets me from the top of the stairs, walking down to kiss me, giving me a hug and checking out what I might have brought home for him.  (Usually more for the latter.. ha!)  And I’m literally warm all over — even if he suddenly gets me all riled up because of unfinished homework or a mess of toys that greet me as I walk up to the living room.

That one is not serendipitous.  It is a given– a true blessing — in my life.

Bob Carlisle sings it beautifully in Butterfly Kisses: “Oh with all that I’ve done wrong / I must have done something right/ To deserve a hug every mornin’ / And butterfly kisses at night.”

We have our usual Friday evening date tonight, and he’s still thinking about what he wants for dinner.  I told the boy to call me at 5pm so I can get it on the way home.  We’d normally sit shoulder to shoulder watching something in the living room, but our cable box is still out of commission, so we’ll probably sit side by side holding a tablet each, watching our own shows separately.  =)  (The cable service works when streaming on the iPad, but not through the cable box.  Go figure.)

Happy Friday indeed.