Spaghetti saves the day

It’s only Saturday evening and I’m already wishing it was another long weekend. I did get to sleep in this morning. I managed to finish some ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) that were due out and I finally cut my serendipity background for the megaswap, but I’m not quite ready to show the finished ATCs yet. It turns out that I could produce 14 ATCs out of the 12×12 spread, so that leaves me two to keep for my personal collection.

I like to keep one if I can and when I have the time to make them for my own album.

We did do errands today and ended up in the house early evening, but I was too tired to cook up any dinner and still quite full from lunch at Bobby’s Burger Palace. (We finally got our rewards card after all those visits! One point for every dollar spent and a free burger per 100 points.) Fortunately, I had made enough spaghetti sauce to get us through dinner the other night and tonight, so I finally found the time to sit and blog on a weekend.

24 hours to go and it’ll be the night before another work day for me. I have this picture of a dream of having my own craft cave — a room serving as my craft studio — much like the craft closet featured by Michael’s in Craft Wars. (I skipped my weekend Michael’s fix today — it was too late, and for some reason, the volume of people in the mall just sapped me of energy and left me wanting to sit and just chill. And why were some stores soooooo hot??? So anti-browsing!)

I have three things I want to do before I turn in tonight, and I want to finish them in at most two hours. (I do have to get the boy ready for bed the usual time because there’s Religious Ed tomorrow.)

1. Write some letters/postcards;
2. Sort my tags (I had printed digital designs directly onto some manila tags which came out rather beautifully);
3. Start/finish a set of Eiffel-tower themed ATCs due yesterday.

I’m keeping my list short and simple so that I don’t get distracted and I keep my focus, and so that I can hopefully accomplish something concrete instead of bits and pieces of a 10-item list.

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Wow.. I have to seriously put together my Christmas cards. Fortunately, I have a few dozens of previous cards I can send to those I’ve never sent to, and then there’s the two to three dozen cards I have to create for those who are on my holiday list. Alas, that’s not on my list tonight. Perhaps tomorrow? I am devoting my day to catching up with my “sorting”. There is a craft fair in December at the local Church I am seriously mulling about joining — but I need to find out the cost of logistics first. (Another post on that one coming.)

I just want to enjoy this “me” time, make my list of things I want to do, and try to do one or two things before I turn in. Three achievable and doable tasks, a time limit, and hopefully measurable results.

Dinner time for me. Spaghetti, it is!

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