Keeping Warm

I don’t buy scarves.  Well, not the ones meant to keep you warm in the winter, that is.  Since I started making my own through crochetting and knitting, I have kept away from buying anything from the stores.

I’ve started knitting again.  Nothing fancy — just thought I’d (finally) use some yarn I had bought towards Spring this year which I had intended to knit into something useful for the winter.  While Fall is momentarily back today again, the weather forecast has the temperatures dipping anew beginning tomorrow, so I have started taking out my winter gear.

Bernat Really Big Yarn in KathmanduI’m working with Bernat’s Really big yarn in Kathmandu (shades of pink, beige and brown) requiring size 19 needle.   I actually think I’m using something even bigger — a size 15?  (Need to check later.)  The stitch and the yarn make for a rather bulky stitch so two stitches make for an inch.  Roughly.

After three skeins, I find that I need at least two more plus fringe, so I will go back to the yarn store (if I can remember which one) on 38th where I picked it up from.  One skein produced around a foot long of 13 stitches across, but a good scarf should at least be 5 feet at this thickness.  The good thing with using a bulky yarn like this one is that it allowed me to work faster, although working with huge knitting needles can be cumbersome.  (They are even thicker than my fingers.)

Today was a real departure from the cold weather of the previous week.  Sunday was apparently just as nice but Angelo and I stayed home.  It gave me a chance to catch up with my tasks for the weekend (hooray!) and saw me getting closer to hopefully getting on with the jewelry making again.   (Keeping my fingers crossed.)  The only thing I wasn’t able to do over the weekend was write the letters and do the postcards I had hoped to send out.  But I have started working on that today.

A day at a time.. keeping warm.

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