Deep into Autumn

Two of a kind

I started writing this post late last night and I’m by my bedside right now trying to get Angelo to get out of bed.  So while he says “Two minutes..,” I thought I’d attempt a post before all of Friday gets away from me.

I took the picture above during our Black Friday adventure in Central Park.  Most of the trees have probably shed their leaves, but as my walk down Park Avenue last Tuesday revealed, there are still trees bathed in the colors of Autumn.  It’s gotten freezing cold in New York, though, which warns of a possibly harsh winter.

My colleague in the space next to mine in the office has bought a Rayovac SP8DA Black Sportsman 8D Area Lantern with Twin Fluorescent Bulbs and a radio “for emergencies”.  She lives on the 9th floor of a high rise in the city located in an area not far from where we work which was inundated with water — something we thought we would see only in monsoon-fraught areas like back home in the Philippines.  I’m wondering if I should do the same.  We do have batteries and candles always.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

I had such a crazy,crazy day yesterday that I practically had no time to take a breather until I got home which wasn’t actually that late considering my usual “exit” time at the office.  Still, I had to rush to the bank and then to another place to take care of something for the family in San Juan.  It is one of those situations where I am glad I am too far away to come to my family’s defense and instead help in other ways.  Business transactions have a funny way of getting twisted into something that burdens instead of helps — but those that are on the receiving end tend not to have any option to protest when things go awry.  So we move on.

I haven’t quite put up my Christmas tree just yet but I think I’ve made major progress in cleaning up.  Between tonight and tomorrow, I think I would be able to successfully clear the space and put the tree up.  Just in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, happy Friday!

One thought on “Deep into Autumn

  1. Lou

    Dear Dina,

    Finally am visiting NY in two week’s time. I will try and see some of your favorite places, maybe Bryant Park. I can’t wait to take tons of pictures. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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