New York City IN COLOR

The Empire State Building in Blue

The Empire State Building has been standing proud bedecked in various colors night after night after being in it’s plain white glory.  I take some of these pictures 41 storeys above street level, and some when I walk out of the building at the end of a workday.  They’re not as crisp as I’d like them to be because my indoor lighting reflects on the glass windows as I shoot the view outside so it needs some major retouching.  But breathtaking is an understatement.  I should be so lucky.

The other night, it was a glorious red.

The Empire State Building in red

So I try to do my part as the forever tourist here in New York, admiring this architectural icon of the big apple.  Sometimes, being a New Yorker robs me of the perspective and I forget just how majestic is stands to the right of my cityscape.  Of course the Chrysler Building remains my favorite.

I’ve been bogged down by asthma again, but my tree is up.  I’m just trying to ride things out although the deep coughing is getting exhausting.  Today I went to the drug store to pick up some meds and stopped by my usual doughnut stop, DOUGH, at the park — trying to make the most of their being just within arm’s reach.  Until the shops disappear and they retreat back to Brooklyn where their bakery is.

If it wasn’t so cold, I would’ve loved to just sit down and enjoy the park.  But there’s work.
Bryant Park Decked out for the holidays

The holidays aren’t so bad here in NYC after all, even if we are split  given the diversity of the local population.  We all have our bit of the holidays to celebrate and enjoy.  Mine is busy counting his Christmas goodies.  I’ve been asked to buy myself a gift which he will reimburse me for later.  I said make up will make me happy, then the tyke puts his hands on his hips and berates me for asking for something he knows nothing about.  (He will learn.)

I have to get going with the Christmas card next.  First, let me trim my tree pretty.