Closing out the year that's ending

So 2012 is practically over with the countdown to Christmas and then the New Year.

If you’re one of my 8 readers, you know that this blog has been undergoing format changes rather often the last couple of days.  Blame it on my fickle-mindedness about how I want the whole thing to look.  It’s like redecorating, although the constraint of design and templates from my server has served to limit my options greatly.  With 2013 just around the corner, I’m not going to list down a set of resolutions, but I will write a ‘to-do’ list.

1.  Close out my Art Journal Every Day 2011-2012 and begin a new one.  I have a “bare” and half-consumed composition notebook that I will need to fashion into a decent sized book with a cover.  (That will be a project in itself.)  For 2013, I am going to go with a spiral sketch book instead.

2.  Create a cover for my altered book, A HAPPY LIFE.  The book is currently protected by masking tape and I am more than halfway through creating layouts with happiness quotes.  I am trying to find a decent sized thick brown paper bag to use as the cover until I finish the book.

3.  Gather all my jewelry making supplies in one large bin and store them in the attic.  I have been keeping them within arm’s reach hoping to be able to create a few pieces and get the store going.  It is apparent to me now that that is NOT happening until after the holidays.  So to simplify things, I will get a huge bin and just dump everything in and sort later.  (Or try and sort as simply as I can and then just restock later.)

4.  Reformat GOTHAMCHICK.COM.  So many crafts to share!

5.  Weed through my closets and bins and rid myself of things I haven’t used or will no longer use.  (Self-explanatory)

6.  Finish the books I have left unattended and read more in 2013!  (Have to beat the return of Game of Thrones come April!)

7.  Do more RAKs.  (I.e., Random Acts of Kindness — like giving away and destashing craft supplies.  What I don’t need, someone else can use.)  I have succeeded marginally in doing this with my postcards.  A lot of the postcards I don’t collect are finding “other homes”.

8.  Get my shop up and running again.  I do have inventory but I need to sort them out and just “reactivate” the listing in the Etsy Shop, GothamChick.

I don’t like making long lists because I get a sense of foreboding that they will remain just lists.  So let’s keep it at 8 and see where that one goes.

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