Smoking buses and school choices

Smoking Express Bus I was busily drafting a blog post on the bus when traffic ground to a slow crawl not even halfway through my usual sojourn into Manhattan.  When it finally eased up and it looked like we were well on our way again, the driver pulled up to the service road, stopped, and told us to get out of the bus.  The rear portion of the bus was spewing out smoke.. horrors!

We had to wait for another bus to pick us up and as luck would have it, I landed on the other side of town (East side), necessitating another ride to my side of Manhattan — one hour late.  My morning adventure of a commute has caused me to defer the post I had been drafting for another I had thought of writing last night, but I was too tired to sit with the laptop at the end of the day.

We often find ourselves aiming for something we don’t get, a goal we don’t achieve, and we are broken and discouraged as a result of it.  A case in point would be the young hopefuls who are eyeing schools/universities to enter this fall, or in the case of Manila, the opening of classes in June.  The big universities have already announced early acceptance, and in some instances, final results — and while some are victorious, many end up heartbroken.

The son of the executive I support right now had hoped to get early acceptance into a prestigious university in Chicago, but early acceptance had already come and gone and they did not get a notification.  While there is hope for the remaining slots still open, the young man was reportedly crushed.  Picture a teen ager with AP (advanced placement) credits, with no cultural or financial restrictions as to the university he can go to, now faced with a possible other choice which technically isn’t really at the bottom of the list — I’m talking about New York University.  (Dad can afford to send him to any school of choice that accepts him.)

It reminds me of my own experience with the nerves way back when — and how things worked out (or did not work out).  Looking back 30 years laters, it makes me understand the anxiety felt by these young people, and I can totally relate.

I had, of course, taken the entrance exam to the University of the Philippines,  with Diliman as the campus of choice because why would I want to go to UP Manila?  I also took the entrance exams at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with bff Donna (where she eventually went.  I was kind of worried, though, why each part of the instruction was first read in English and then in Tagalog.)  In addition, I took entrance exams to Ateneo and Miriam, and my school of choice, De La Salle University.  My father had violent objections to De La Salle, being that it was located in Taft Avenue where the Light Rail Transit was then under construction and was to be under construction for a number of years.  (“The driver would get stuck in traffic  trying to get me and not be able to get the siblings who were still both in high school,” “It’s much too far,” etc., etc.,)  Obedient daughter that I was, despite having taken the entrance exam, I did not pursue my application to DLSU.

Miriam College interviewed and accepted me.  Ateneo took me in.  And when the UPCAT results came out, I was unfortunately not one of the lucky ones.  My father moved heaven and earth, though, with the help of a friend to help me appeal for admission to UP Manila — which was but a short jeepney ride away from my school of choice, DLSU.  I endured and survived the traffic and pollution of Taft Avenue through my college years — but my father got his wish.  His daughter went to UP.

Waiting for acceptance to a university is not easy, more so when you are moving from one phase of life (high school) to the next (college or university).  While shifting courses is an option when you don’t get accepted to the program of your choice, you still need to get into the university first to be able to maneuver your way to your dream.

My bigger disappointment was not having been able to go to DLSU — forget that UP said no initially.  But as it turns out, things have a way of working out despite what had appeared to me as my not getting into the dream school I had pictured myself going to.  My years in UP Manila turned out to be some of the best years of my life, both academically and personally.  I found myself liking it so much that I never even tried to transfer to Diliman.  I would visit DLSU, sometimes even trying to get in by flashing an ID which wasn’t mine to visit friends.  It was a world apart.  I felt it was where I belonged, but I wasn’t misplaced in UP.  Sure the facilities were a world apart, too, more so since there were no cracking marble staircases in DLSU and UP Manila’s windows were broken and in disrepair.  But I found many friends who accepted me the way I was and who moved in the same world I did, as well as friends from a totally different life, and to this day, I count them as my dearest friends.

I know things would have turned out differently had I landed in DLSU like I had wished so hard for.  And I know, too, that a lot of who I am today was because I spent my college years in UP Manila. 

When it was finally time to take the law entrance exams, I told myself it was UP, Ateneo or San Beda.  That was that.  I would be happy to go to any of the three.  If none of them took me in, then it wasn’t meant to be.  (I was a few years older and a quite a bit more wiser at this stage, so my expectations were more practical and less emotional.)

I found myself in the old HV De La Costa Campus of the Ateneo School of Law in Makati — and yes, that was that.

I won’t say that it doesn’t matter which school you find yourself in because it does.  (But that’s another blog post.)  But getting into your university of choice is not the be-all and end-all of life.  Life has taught me that it doesn’t hurt to go with the flow, or to be a little OC about it and have a plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D, etc.  There is much in life that we don’t know because it hasn’t happened yet.  There is only so much that we can control, too.  You do have the power to make the most of what you’re given, and that is what is expected of you.

One of my “bestest” bestfriends had landed in Ateneo Law but had left and taken a leave of absence on the verge of being booted out after his first year to concentrate on a job the needed a lot of brown-nosing.  He paid his dues.  He never went back to law school, but he now occupies a position of power and success many envy and covet.  He always wanted to be a lawyer, and I know that he never thought he would enjoy the success and power he now has — it hasn’t been without its challenges, but I take my hat off to him for taking things in stride and adapting to any situation that was thrown his way.  He was assigned to far-flung places in undesirable positions.  He did his best.  He waited it out. He performed.  That’s why he survived and succeeded.

Disappointments are a part of life and life gives us permission to feel the pain and sulk — but then we cannot let it rob us of our faith in ourselves.  We cannot let it take our self-confidence down.  Just as everyone tells us to move on from the heartaches of life — we must learn to overcome our disappointments and keep going.

So what if you didn’t get into your school of choice?  Perhaps it’s in the stars for you to go some place else where there isn’t that inordinate amount of flooding, or where biases are not as strong.  To paraphrase what some people say, God is not saying no to you — He is simply saying “Not yet” — or in this case, “Not there.”

When UP Law didn’t accept me, I didn’t even bother to appeal.  When I passed the Bar exams with a cursory review, I told myself that’s one passer that UP doesn’t have because they gave me to Ateneo. 

There will always be a lot of challenges, there will always be disappointments.  But let us not forget that there are also the joys of life — the blessings that come our way — that if we only bothered to stop and count, we will find we have two of the good for each of the bad. 

This morning, as I alighted from the second bus and finally found my way to the last bus stop that will take me to my side of Manhattan, I looked up. I saw the Chrysler Building, my favorite icon towering above me.  I have been at this spot many times before but was usually in a rush , so I have never taken a picture from this perspective.  I did and it made me smile.  I wouldn’t have been at this spot had things not gone totally awry on the way in.  I can look at it as a morning commute from hell, or a morning commute that didn’t quite go right but which was not a total loss if only because I got to take this shot.

Right below the Chrysler Building

Time out for me

The bus was crowded this morning so I already had a seatmate when I boarded.  That meant less wiggle room to paint my face so I settled down and decided I’d blog instead.

I’m trying to get into the habit of writing my blogpost during the commute to work so that I don’t end up scurrying to post at the end of the day.  It sure beats the urge to succumb to the urge to nap.  I know it gives me a chance to catch up on some shut-eye, but it doesn’t necessarily help at a time so close to when I just got out of bed.  Instead of being up and about when I step off the bus, there are times when I find myself yawning from the deep sleep that the rocking of the bus brings me to.

No rain today but still cold.  I’m lugging two umbrellas back to the office because I’ve managed to take all of them home the various days I came to the city unprepared for rain.  That’s the girl scout in me: “Laging handa” (or “always ready”) as they say.  (I try to be.)

My “me” time at night has shrunk considerably because my little guy is now on a later bedtime.  It means tucking him in later as well.  For my part, I’m trying not to go beyond the midnight hour if I can help it so that my body doesn’t end up protesting too much when the alarm rings.  Gone are the days when I’d slip under the sheets before 4am and get up at 6:30 to beat the traffic from San Juan to Makati.  Age has caught up with me.  I can still make do with 5 hours of sleep, but anything less than that and I stop operating at 100%.

Still, I try to make my evenings productive by zeroing in on a single task to complete, and if there is extra time (and I still have the energy), I add a thing or two.  I cook dinner most nights and do homework if not check what’s been done by the tyke on his own, and then I take charge of scrubbing him clean before bed time.  There are days when the Dad gives him a bath, but most days, it’s me and the kid.  By the time I’m done, it’s past 10pm. 

That’s when I try to check my mail, prepare swaps, gather art supplies, maybe paint a background or two, or when I can, write a letter longhand.  I owe some penfriends a reply which I will have to schedule now because the list is getting long.  I hate responding curtly because it negates the whole purpose of taking pen and paper to write.   Sometimes there are letters I’m raring to write but somehow the words just won’t come.  Unlike blogging which comes spontaneously, letter writing to me is a more deliberate effort but something I cherish because I know my words physically make it to the hands of the recipient.  (That thought made me smile.)

I was busy cutting up owl parts from paint chips while watching reruns of Criminal Minds.  Something I’m doing for some handmade cards I am assembling. 

Owls — they grow on you.  I had googled for templates because of a Partner Name ATC swap at (render the name of the participants in an ATC relevant to their profile), and one of the participants was into the Grateful Dead and owls.  I didn’t know how I would render the Grateful Dead in an ATC but I sure could try an owl collage.  And was I surprised to find a ton of resources and patterns to choose from, although most of them were meant for patchwork or appliques.  I picked two patterns and came up with these:  ATC: Partner Name ATC
One is rendered via software and another was clearly drawn.  I have a preference for the drawn template and have printed (and sometimes traced) the pieces on the back of paint chips – the kind you find at hardware stores displaying paint swatches, etc.  I love working with paint chips when I can because first of all, they’re FREE, and second, the paper quality is good cardstock although some surfaces don’t lend themselves well to laser printing. 

I just cut, I didn’t assemble any.  I tucked them away in a spare envelope and will work on a card later.  (I might even try using this template with polymer clay another time as a souvenir idea just hit me for the first birthday of my precious niece, Andreanna Lux, or “My Andeng” as I call her affectionately.)   And of course a tutorial will follow in the craft blog if and when that piece is done.

Please click HERE to see my Flickr album of ATCs by GothamChick (my handle over at

Monday, Monday…

I hope everyone had an uneventful weekend and that we start the week on a positive note. I’ve taken to Twitter (@GothamChick) and am slowly getting the hang of it. I’m still trying to “learn my way” through it, though. (No pressure — I have but 5 followers.). I’m in more for the people I follow which, again, is a very, very short list.

Monday and the sun hadn’t fully risen yet although it was already 7:30 when I started drafting this post on the bus. It’s not as bad as it was last week — we’re at “freezing” instead of “below freezing” temperatures. Still, it’s cold,

My Kindle is still acting up, but I’ve managed to update the inventory on the device as well as make the fonts a little larger. I am trying to get going with Grisham’s “The Associate” but my device seems to be in that “just woke up” mode we find ourselves in when we literally get out of bed. I have suddenly lost interest in A Game of Thrones , so I’m putting aside the third installment which I have been stuck with for the past year. Too dark a story for someone trying to find the sunshine in the everyday things we encounter. All that death and gore resonates of pain and heartache. It brings me memories I’d rather not dwell on. Might as well make up for all the Grisham novels I’ve missed.

Every year, I end up saying I will read more this coming year. I envy those who can finish a book in a day or who have the luxury to sit through a book overnight. I’m hoping that toting my slimmer and lighter Kindle will give me that chance.  (I love the iPad but it’s just too “precious” an item and too cumbersome because you can’t exactly just slip it in and forget about it…).

I did a lot over the weekend..  Made some progress with the Art Journal… =)  More tomorrow.  It’s been a busy day at work for me… stayed in because of the snow outside.. praying for warmer weather please.

 Still cold in NY

Five things I hope to accomplish this weekend (1/26-27)

I’m almost iffy about writing a new list because it appears that while I have done a lot over the previous weekend, I left more things hanging.  So let this weekend’s list be a continuation of the previous list, and let’s see if anything actually gets ticked off.  Since I started this a few weeks ago, it has helped me to focus better on accomplishing something tangible with a goal in mind.

1. Start my multi-page entry in my ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY.  I actually have started sketching and all that but have not done the actual layout as I had hoped to.  I am hoping to do major progress on this tonight and tomorrow.

2. Jewelry crafting: Create one piece of jewelry for myself and post an item in the Etsy shopAs I had reported earlier in the week, I’ve managed to repopulate the store substantially and I intend to continue doing the same this weekend.  (So the list wasn’t a complete loss after all!)

3. Write.. to friends back home. (And one or two this side of the world.. birthdays coming up. My handmade cards are posted in in my journal.. here.  This one had some measure of success as well as you can see in the post preceding this where I showed you a handmade card I had made.  The card’s been addressed and written on — I am just hoping to add a one-page update to my friend, P. 

I’ve continued with my everyday journal with a photo a day (LIFE 4×6, info to follow), and I intend to show that here on the blog towards the end of January after I complete my first month.  This is something not very different from the popular Project Life of Becky Higgins, in a simplified less expensive way.

I’ve been “HERE” most of the week, trying to tweak my wordpress theme, and trying to come to a decision about whether or not I will migrate the craft blog here, too.

4. READ.  On this front, I’ve done something I didn’t think I would do again which is go back to my Kindle. It’s been “offline” for over a year and the battery is giving me a big headache, but I’m confident I’ll get it up and running soon.  The iPad is just too heavy to lug around in my purse on an everyday basis, and sometimes it’s simply easier to go small.  I’m trying to decide which book to go to first, and looks like Grisham will win out this time.

5. Gather 100 postcards I want to find a new home for. (100 a week, a little at a time.)  After the previous weekend, I’ve had time to reconsider this goal because while it seems it should be easy enough, 100 postcards isn’t all that easy to assemble.  I’ve decided to give myself a month to get the 100 postcards together and maybe raffle them off in one of the Facebook groups I’m part of.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Handmade Card: Off to P

I’ve been working on this card inspired by an “accidental” printing over an already printed photograph.  I printed the photo as is, then accidentally printed a background paper over it lending it a ghost-like blur that I quite liked.. For effect, I then printed a clear black and white version of the same photo and cut out a rectangular portion and put it on top of the bigger printout.  Voila! 

No fancy graphics software or tweaking involved.  Just printing twice over.

Step-by-step tutorial already up in my craft blog:

Handmade card: Off to P

Inside, I printed out a quote picked up on GoodReads via Google: 

“You’ve got this life and while you’ve got it, you’d better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone’s hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people’s eyes like they’re the last you’ll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there’s no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there is none, and eat cake like it’s the only one left in the world!”
C. JoyBell C.



Cold in Bryant Park

Yes, it’s freezing cold in New York today.  These pictures will tell you just how cold it is.  I made it a point to look out towards the fountain when my bus pulled over to drop me off at my stop and I grabbed my camera and snapped away despite the cold before I went into my building.  I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten since. 

The Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain Freezing up

It’s supposed to get even colder the next couple of days with a (possible) snow storm in the horizon.  Until it comes, it doesn’t faze us.  So we dress up in layers, sleep in layers, and snuggle up close.  My son, however, seems impervious to the cold as he insists on keeping the fan on.  (It can get warm under the comforters, indeed!)

Brrrrrrryant Park

Days like this make me yearn for the warmth of Manila… even at its worst, the storms somehow seem more bearable than the onslaught of winter.

Freezing Cold in Bryant Park

Because I believe..

My “catch up” day is usually Monday, but because of the observance of Martin Luther King Day yesterday, I got a reprieve and had an additional day to laze around.

I don’t want to give a progress report on my list of things to do over the weekend because suffice it to say, I didn’t quite get anywhere with the list, but I did get to accomplish a lot. For starters, I have upped my list of items for sale in my shop from 8 to 24. (!) I had more to put up, but one thing about etsy listings is that timing, as well as volume, work together to increase a store’s visibility given the huge population of sellers and stores. So I’m trying to spread out the timing and volume of listings.

I didn’t get to bloghop much, but I did visit two or three favorite blogs this morning just to see what’s up with my usual reads. It’s not just to snoop around but sometimes, like today, I pick up a blog prompt or two. I don’t always leave a comment when I blog hop, often because I’m zipping in and out of a screen. And sometimes my thoughts are too long to leave as a comment, so I try to make it a blog post if I can.

I came across a young blogger currently in dire straights because of a choice of faith. I cannot say I empathize because I have been born and raised a Catholic and continue to be one, out of choice at this point, no longer by force of circumstance. I have always said that religion is a personal choice, and I have always been tolerant and accepting of other’s personal choices. I have friends who are born again Christians, protestants, agnostics and atheists. I always tell others that this open-mindedness is a result of having been subjected to a rather academic exposure to various religions as part of my 7th grade Religion classes with the nuns.

I live by the simple rule of thumb that I respect your choice of religion for as long as you respect mine. So the minute I hear that I will not be saved if I don’t accept your faith and beliefs, I tune out.

I have been fortunate to have had a solid Catholic education. Beyond the teachings of the Bible, I have had the chance to examine my faith against other religious beliefs, not to see that mine are better or the right ones, but to see the difference in the ways we recognize a higher power and show our devotion to our God, whoever He may be. I am trying to instill the same open-mindedness and religious tolerance in my son, more so since he is growing up in such a diverse mix of religious persuasions. Unlike his father and me, my son is in a secular school where religion is not part of the curriculum due to the separation of Church and state. He does go to religious education class, but there is only so much they can impart in almost two hours each Sunday and the succeeding eucharistic celebration. Still, I try. In my heart I wish he could benefit from the same religious upbringing that his father and I were blessed with in our formative years, but that was in another lifetime.

As a parent, we want our children to grow up nurturing the same faith in their hearts as we do in ours. But like most things, as a young mind starts to grow and develop into its own person, faith is something that we can try and help shape, but which in the end is a personal choice of the individual. I dream of having my son grow up to be a good Catholic Christian, but I cannot just wish that — I have to foster that and imbibe that into his life by being a good example of my faith and by teaching him about my faith. I cannot expect my son to go to Church if I don’t, so we try to go to mass more often now that he is cognizant of his responsibilities as a young Catholic. I try to teach him about Jesus’ role in our lives and why prayer is very important. I tell him as often as I can that I start my day by thanking God for giving me a son like him and asking Jesus to keep him safe and healthy always.

I have always said that there is only so much that we can control as parents, but those things that I can control and stir as his mother, I will do my best to keep a firm grip on. I know that when he goes out into the world and he hears about other faiths, he may choose another leaning. But I believe in my own resolve to teach him about my Catholic faith extensively to make his own faith steadfast — no matter what doubts or choices are put before him. I wouldn’t want to force religion upon him, but that is not going to be necessary if I succeed in making him love and live the faith I breathe.

I imagine it will not be easy for me to accept if he chooses some other body of beliefs to live by. In very elementary terms, we want to be sure we land in the same “heaven” or after life. But that’s over-simplifying things. But I always tell him all I want for him to be is a good person — in his mind and heart — and even when I’m gone, I know he will be fine.

Our personal choice as to how we worship our God comes with many responsibilities and challenges. It is no different from the disciples of old who were thrown to the lions literally and who were subjected to religious persecution. While wars helped to fight the advance of other faiths and fostered others to grow exponentially, as an individual, we are all tasked to take the humble route and bow our heads down in the face of dissent. Anger leads to hate — and no faith in its pure form fosters hatred. We have to live our faith with dignity and with humility — in total surrender. And part of that surrender is not giving in to hating others who do not choose the same faith as ours, even if they are forcing their faith and beliefs on us.

As a Christian friend used to say, sometimes it’s not always easy to do the Christian thing — but we have to go that way.

I have to admit that while I say I respect all faiths and ways of believing, I feel a tinge of sadness for those who do not have the faith to believe that there is a higher being whether he is the God I know or not. That is the essence of faith — believing that God is there, whether we see Him — feeling His presence even when we doubt. I had a Catholic friend in law school who invited me over to her house because the block Rosary was stopping by, and she didn’t know how to pray the rosary. I easily obliged, and I prayed. I feel blessed that He is a part of my life — and I want to give that gift to my son, too. I want to plant the seeds so that he may not share that agony of being torn between what he wants to believe and what I believe.

Because at the end of the day, my son is one reason I feel closer to my God. His very being and his pure heart has shown me God keeps me close to His heart.


Magazine alphaThere are days when I catch myself just vegetating on the sofa, not doing anything in particular.  Maybe because it’s been a busy day.  I just stayed at home and put things away, trying to get rid of the things I don’t need anymore.

I can’t seem to throw away old magazines because I always see something which I feel I can use somehow, somewhere for a future project or layout.  But the old magazines have to go.  I used to zero in on words, but today I just focused on usable alphabets.  I picked brands, headers and titles in larger alpha, cut them close in a rectangle or square, picked a dark background to paste it on as a frame and then cut again.  What for?  I intend to use these for my art journal entries.

I’ve been watching TV.  Everyone else is asleep in the house.  I’ve put away what needs to be put away in the kitchen, and even if it’s midnight, I’m taking a quick hot shower before turning in for the night.

I get a break tomorrow.  No Religious Ed for the boy, so I get to sleep in.   It’s soooo cold, though.  Even with the heater on full blast, I’m feeling a little chilly in the living room.  The bedroom is comfortably warm, but father and son always want the electric fan on at the highest setting.

Time to hit the sack.


Five things I hope to accomplish this weekend (1/19-21)

It’s a long weekend for us this weekend, so maybe I’ll get down to doing my list of five things to do this time around before I have to start another week on Tuesday.

Despite the extra day, I’m trying to work in small buckets of time to make sure I get to do some cleaning up this morning and start my weekend with a blogpost.  Morning breakfast of coffee in my favorite mug and pancakes with melted caramel.  (Yum!)  I’m sort of indulging in my favorite food treats because I have made a decision to start dieting after the weekend for a myriad of reasons — which is another blog post coming some time in the coming days.

This week, I hope to

Art Journal Every Day cover as of 1/18/131.  Start my multi-page entry in my ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY.

2. Jewelry crafting: Create one piece of jewelry for myself and post an item in the Etsy shop.

3. Write.. to friends back home.  (And one or two this side of the world.. birthdays coming up.  My handmade cards are posted in in my journal.. here.

4. READ.

5. Gather 100 postcards I want to find a new home for.  (100 a week, a little at a time.)

Glorious Fuschia Pink Empire State Building

You’ll have to forgive me for the fuschia overdose.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the Empire State Building was in fuschia pink last Monday.  Gorgeous!

The Empire State Building in gorgeous Fuschia Pink

I always make it a point to take a peek when I can before I walk out the door, but this was one of those days that I had no chance to.  When I saw it as I looked up as I walked onto Avenue of the Americas, I had to cross the street away from my bus stop to get a good vantage point for a picture.  Not quite as crisp as I would want, but I took my time and experimented.

If there’s one color that makes me happy, it’s fuschia pink.  I wear it practically everyday.  Oh, correction, I DO wear it everyday because I have at least 4 coats in that color.

My printer just “ate” a 32gig micro SD memory card.  I saw it slip into an outer paper tray when I lifted the paper in the feed, and it somehow found its way into the printer, somewhere I cannot dig in to get it out.  I will worry about that tomorrow.  I have another memory card to put into the adaptor for the camera.  The fog is so heavy I don’t think I’ll get the chance to shoot any pics tonight, but you’ll never know.  (Reaching into my stash of spare 2gig micro SDs in my purse.)

My Christmas Tree and other holiday trimmings are all boxed up and ready to be put away for good until next December.  This year, I’m getting the holiday cards together and recycling, and what I cannot recycle or repurpose before the month is up will be disposed of.  I get all sentimental about holiday cards and have promised myself to do this the last 2 years but I haven’t been too good with that.  The good news is that I am participating in a Recycled Christmas card Artist Trading Card swap which should give me an excuse to get started on this “project” tonight.

And I did finally get to put up a listing in my Etsy Shop.  This lovely Freshwater Pearl Bangle Trio is available at the shop for $45.00.

Pastel Freshwater Pearl Bangle Trio

“You are looking at a set of three bangles (hence, the “trio”) with alternating quartets of pastel blue, pink, yellow and beige set on gold-tone memory wire. The ends are fastened with a tiny gold tone clasp. The round potato freshwater pearls are approximately 8-9mm each. There are 27 pearls in each bangle and this trio is made up of over a strand of these pearls. The circumference of the bracelet is at approximately 8″ which makes it hang nicely below the wrist. I love the sound of the pearls when they give off their own unique “jangle” as you move.

The inside diameter of the bracelet is 7 1/2 inches. I can extend this bracelet by adding gold-tone chain links on the end to which the lobster clasp attaches to.”

I think I’ve finally ticked off my list over the weekend.. a few days late, but did them all!

Time to head out.. into the cold rain.. or maybe even some snow.  First, I have to change attire — don the jeans and the pretty fuschia pink puff jacket. =)  Another day done..

I almost forgot — new “ABOUT” page here