Five things I hope to accomplish this weekend

One reason I like Fridays: Saturday is really the only day I can sleep in and I like waking up just a little later than usual — closer to 9am.  I’m not going to stretch it to that late tomorrow because we need to start doing errands early, but I’m going to try and NOT wake up til after 7am.

Setting goals to keep my focus straight over the weekend.  So what do I hope to accomplish?

ATC: Zentangled Q with watercolor background1.  Send out my only ATC due this weekend – Zentangled “A”.  I do my zentangled Artist Trading Cards a certain way which I guess is meant to give it my own signature.  I use a pre-painted watercolor background, zentangle the background and then do the actual letter in plain black and white.  I don’t render the actual letter in tangle patterns but instead use the “shell” of a font in outline form and draw within.  I’m almost done with the background, so it’s just the alpha.  The one pictured here was submitted to a similar swap last year.  I’m hoping to do the whole alphabet with this group so soon as I’m done with the “A”, I’m starting the “B”.

2.  Finish the cards I hope to send and at least one letter to write.

3.  Close the box of Christmas Ornaments and tape it up for next year.

4.  Post a new item for sale in my Etsy shop.

5.  Work on my Art Journal Every Day cover.

I’m keeping it short and sweet to make it more doable and achievable.  Can’t wait for my weekend to begin!