Five things I hope to accomplish this weekend (1/19-21)

It’s a long weekend for us this weekend, so maybe I’ll get down to doing my list of five things to do this time around before I have to start another week on Tuesday.

Despite the extra day, I’m trying to work in small buckets of time to make sure I get to do some cleaning up this morning and start my weekend with a blogpost.  Morning breakfast of coffee in my favorite mug and pancakes with melted caramel.  (Yum!)  I’m sort of indulging in my favorite food treats because I have made a decision to start dieting after the weekend for a myriad of reasons — which is another blog post coming some time in the coming days.

This week, I hope to

Art Journal Every Day cover as of 1/18/131.  Start my multi-page entry in my ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY.

2. Jewelry crafting: Create one piece of jewelry for myself and post an item in the Etsy shop.

3. Write.. to friends back home.  (And one or two this side of the world.. birthdays coming up.  My handmade cards are posted in in my journal.. here.

4. READ.

5. Gather 100 postcards I want to find a new home for.  (100 a week, a little at a time.)

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