Cold in Bryant Park

Yes, it’s freezing cold in New York today.  These pictures will tell you just how cold it is.  I made it a point to look out towards the fountain when my bus pulled over to drop me off at my stop and I grabbed my camera and snapped away despite the cold before I went into my building.  I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten since. 

The Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain Freezing up

It’s supposed to get even colder the next couple of days with a (possible) snow storm in the horizon.  Until it comes, it doesn’t faze us.  So we dress up in layers, sleep in layers, and snuggle up close.  My son, however, seems impervious to the cold as he insists on keeping the fan on.  (It can get warm under the comforters, indeed!)

Brrrrrrryant Park

Days like this make me yearn for the warmth of Manila… even at its worst, the storms somehow seem more bearable than the onslaught of winter.

Freezing Cold in Bryant Park