Monday, Monday…

I hope everyone had an uneventful weekend and that we start the week on a positive note. I’ve taken to Twitter (@GothamChick) and am slowly getting the hang of it. I’m still trying to “learn my way” through it, though. (No pressure — I have but 5 followers.). I’m in more for the people I follow which, again, is a very, very short list.

Monday and the sun hadn’t fully risen yet although it was already 7:30 when I started drafting this post on the bus. It’s not as bad as it was last week — we’re at “freezing” instead of “below freezing” temperatures. Still, it’s cold,

My Kindle is still acting up, but I’ve managed to update the inventory on the device as well as make the fonts a little larger. I am trying to get going with Grisham’s “The Associate” but my device seems to be in that “just woke up” mode we find ourselves in when we literally get out of bed. I have suddenly lost interest in A Game of Thrones , so I’m putting aside the third installment which I have been stuck with for the past year. Too dark a story for someone trying to find the sunshine in the everyday things we encounter. All that death and gore resonates of pain and heartache. It brings me memories I’d rather not dwell on. Might as well make up for all the Grisham novels I’ve missed.

Every year, I end up saying I will read more this coming year. I envy those who can finish a book in a day or who have the luxury to sit through a book overnight. I’m hoping that toting my slimmer and lighter Kindle will give me that chance.  (I love the iPad but it’s just too “precious” an item and too cumbersome because you can’t exactly just slip it in and forget about it…).

I did a lot over the weekend..  Made some progress with the Art Journal… =)  More tomorrow.  It’s been a busy day at work for me… stayed in because of the snow outside.. praying for warmer weather please.

 Still cold in NY