Friday to Friday… A belated list of five things to do this weekend (Feb 2/3)

I had meant to do this list yesterday but work overtook me.  I had taken the morning off to attend a workshop in Angelo’s school meant to give guidance on statewide tests coming up this April.  (Our first year as the tests are administered from third grade onwards.)

I ended up in the city noonish, lost my blackberry between the bus to Manhattan and settling down at my desk (which was replaced before I left for the day) and got home in time for my usual Friday dinner date with my favorite guy.  I also got busy sorting some crafting supplies and raring to start creating!

Here’s my progress report from the previous week’s list segueing to this weekend’s list:

1.  Yes, I successfully started the multi-page Art Journal Every Day entry which I am going to be working on more this weekend.

2.  I didn’t get to create that piece of jewelry nor post anything in the Etsy shop but I am going to do a listing before the night is out.  And I finally found the correct crystal configuration to fit this gorgeous cross setting I’ve been working hard on completing the last couple of months (!), so who knows?  I might actually get to create something for me.. and maybe for the shop.

3. I have been doing the writing and hope to keep at it.  At least one handmade card in the works, and I really need to get those birthday cards out.

4. I am into Chapter IV of Grisham’s The Associate and progressing rather well.  (Big hooray for that!)

5. I sorted a heap of vintage postcards and have identified almost a dozen vintage cards I might offer to swap in the postcard groups — antiques from Mexico, Bermuda, Miami, etc.  I’ve set aside the ones from New York or about New York, and will put them in the with rest.  (Getting there, getting there.)

I’ve been lounging on the sofa trying to watch Season 1 of “Homeland” which is all the craze these days because of the buzz and awards the show has gotten.  The thing is that it’s on cable for pay and we don’t have the channel so we’re doing a catch -up a season late and I’ve so far gone through five episodes.  I’m hooked.

I’ve always liked Damian Lewis and was sad when “Life” didn’t make it beyond its two season run, and sad that he returned via Showtime which I didn’t have easy access to.  (We prefer to pay for the Filipino channels extra. =)  But this is quite the come back.

Dinner time for me and the boy for now… and creating later!