In the Mail: Postcards, Artist Trading Cards and a whole lot of artsy love

I felt triumphant when I handed our mailroom clerk what must’ve been a dozen items to mail yesterday — packed, addressed and stamped over the weekend.. A smattering of postcards and artist trading cards, headed in various directions, covering swaps due from before the weekend to the middle of this week. (The snow storm threw me off schedule, and the boys caught the flu bug — the Dad gave it to the son. Sigh.. Thankfully, they’re feeling better..)

With that done, I am being very selective about joining any more Artist Trading Card swaps. I kind of like the calm of knowing that I am not trying to catch a swap deadline. Plus, not all swaps turn out to be “happy trades” because I’ve received Artist Trading Cards that my almost 9-year-old can produce. When I get those types of ATCs, I just tell myself “THAT is their personal art,” which I respect — and that’s that. What has made it worthwhile, though, are the many real works of art I’ve received in this tiny canvas of 2.5″ x 3.5″.

In the mail went these “Maria Clara” ATCs for a swap entitled “My Favorite Country” which is, of course, “home” for me: The Philippines. This was a challenge to pull together given that while I modelled it after paper dolls I found online, I didn’t exactly have a template to work with. I will try and produce a template based on this, giving credit where credit is due, of course, and post it in my craft blog, Gotham Chick. (And I’m starting a fresh blog here on wordpress — so please do visit.). To identify the country, I added a used Pilipinas postage stamp.

Then there was the Crafty ATC series which, for this round, did a “Stamp it!” Theme.  “Stamp” being a graphic stamping on the ATC and not a postage stamp.  (I’ve participated in that, too.). This one’s another project I hope to make a tutorial of  as I produced the background by “double printing” on repurposed brown grocery bags, sealed with a double coating of gloss mod podge.   

And finally, a gory “My Bloody Valentine” which didn’t necessarily need to involve blood but which, per the swap’s description, had to be a ” creepy Valentine.”  So I did a black heart, tore it up into three, stapled, fastened with a safety pin and sewed down the middle with twine.  Aptly titled “Broken Heart”.

ATC: Group: Paper Kutz - My bloody Valentine 3ATC: Group: Paper Kutz - My bloody Valentine 2ATC: Group: Paper Kutz - My bloody Valentine 1

No, I didn’t stay up all night producing these cards.  They were completed over a period of a week, but I can’t be doing this every night.  Hence, the resolve to slow down with the Artist Trading Card swaps.

I’ve been busy creating for the Etsy Shop and my first batch of “Faith” series necklaces should be up by next week.  More on that later… after I’m sure my glass dome pendants are holding up well.