Officially Saturday

It’s twenty minutes past midnight which makes it officially Saturday on my side of the world.  Meatless Friday done and passed… and I’m exhausted and fighting off sleep.

I had actually successfully napped next to the boy earlier this evening which gave me my second wind.  It didn’t do much, though, as my womanly ailments are getting the better of me this time of the month.

Productive day… I printed off some pictures for my LIFE 4×6 February.  I am still working on completing January but I wanted to photograph the layouts while in a sleeve.  (Target this weekend!)  I even did some print over print experiments but used my photo printer instead.  I must say the result wasn’t surprising but I loved what came out.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will show the final product as close to actual when I photograph it tomorrow.

It’s been a long week.  We’ve been very busy at work.  Thankfully, the weather hasn’t been as bad.  It was a great improvement from last Friday’s snowstorm.  Can we move on to summer please?

I’m skipping my list of five things to do this weekend in this post but will put it up tomorrow.  My brain isn’t quite in the mood to think about other things that need to be done when I just want to go to la-la land.

Meanwhile, here’s one of two sets of journal tags inspiration that I made for a swap.  I used three of my favorite “Happiness” quotes.

 Journal Tags

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