A bit of inspiration: Sabsy, public school teacher

My forays into Facebook these days are very brief. I have also been slowly weeding out whose updates I see. It’s painstaking but I have been doing it one by one, a little at a time.

I was going in and out of FB today when I came upon this video a friend posted, and I’d like to share it with you for a bit of inspiration. Unfortunately, it’s in Tagalog, so those who are not native speakers will not understand this very moving and inspiring story of a privileged lady who has been educated in the best institutions in the country but who chose to serve by being a public school teacher.

A modern day hero who makes me think of what I would be if I weren’t where I was today. It makes one want to be just like her. While we can’t all be as brave or capable, we can all take something from her story. I wish I could take her words of advice and wisdom to the young minds she is molding and send it across the universe so that the young may find their own inspiration.

It gives one hope for a country many have given up on. It reminds me of my young medical student friend, Ahmad, and how in his own way, he is trying to be like Sabrina “Sabsy” Ongkiko.

Take a moment to listen and watch…