Thinking of Halo-halo this Friday Evening

I am not particularly hungry but I’m craving for halo-halo. =)  It’s a mash up of different sweetened fruits and concoctions served with shaved ice and evaporated milk.  Yum… But there’s no halo-halo around.. and it makes me think of home… and Mom’s upcoming birthday.. and how I wish I could hold my pretty little niece, Lux.  A real live doll you can dress up and kiss and she’ll kiss you right back.

Sometimes even good thoughts bite you back.  And then they are not so good anymore.  So no more halo-halo thoughts for me.  For now.

I am trying to shake off and compartmentalize the good without letting it flow into the bad.  (Dinna, take the halo-halo — let the other thoughts that pull you down go.)  I’m stubborn and I can’t do it.  Halo-halo.. missing home.. wishing Mom wasn’t so stubborn about coming over for the visit.

I feel that part of me is stuck in my head:  Everything is just part of a big ocean of thoughts now, and I’m not floating on the water.  I’m just letting the tide pull me under and carry me away.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the last year, it’s that fighting the waves did not help.  The better alternative was just to give up and surrender.

Like I surrender to the halo-halo.  (Smile forming on my face again.)  At least in my mind, that is.  You won’t catch me detouring to Woodside just to give in to the craving.  LOL… I’m hopping on my express bus soon for my Friday date with my favorite guy who will probably ignore me as he watches his Clone Wars episodes.  I can use the quiet…

I am totally exhausted from staying up til 1am helping finish Angelo’s school project.

Happy Friday, everyone!