Subway Stories: Missed my stop

You know that feeling when you’re in a bus or on the subway (or MRT or LRT, as the case may be) and you sort of “drift off” and suddenly find yourself missing your stop?  I missed Houston and realized it as the train doors were closing.  Got off two stops after at Chamber Street and here I am waiting for the uptown train that will take me to where I’m going.

Not good.  It does happen.  Getting lost in this labyrinth of a system is normal, even for a 12-year-New Yorker like myself.

Train is here…

The car is almost empty.  A homeless man is taking a nap with his treasures not too far away. 
Subway Stories - napping in the subway 05March2013
 Now if only these three women would stop screaming over the din of the screeching of the train tracks….

Subway Stories 05March2013

I’m happy sitting here in my quiet corner.

Houston’s next.  (Pronounced HOUSE-TON)  Leaving the screaming behind.. finally.


2 thoughts on “Subway Stories: Missed my stop

  1. I read your blog this morning and the same thing happened to me. Good thing it was on my way to Chicago. I woke up and everyone was getting ready to get off. I hate to imagine if it was going home.


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