Mail Art for Swap-bot by GothamChick

I use repurposed brown shopping bags into envelopes for mail art swaps at Swap-bot.  The first four images were for two items I created for “Mail Art – Sender’s Choice” which saw me doing a collage using Nicoletta Ceccoli prints over newspaper sheets.  (I’m hooked thanks to Eurocat aka. Rita!)  The envelope itself was made of kraft paper which I painted and collaged with other elements.

Mail Art - Sender's Choice 1A (Front)Mail Art - Sender's Choice 1B (Back)

 (I always put in a “New York” element which is the mini-print of a vintage postcard here.)

 This one’s a personal favorite of mine!

Mail Art - Sender's Choice 2A (Front)

Mail Art - Sender's Choice 2B (Back)

 (See the Grand Central Vintaeg Postcard to the left?…)

A week later, I did another mail art swap for a Spring-themed envelope, and this time, I added horses which the lady I had as my send-to partner was so into. 

Mail Art - Spring 1b (Front)

Mail Art - Spring 1a (Back)

 These two horses at the back were from a perfume ad, and all the flowers, boquets and solos were from magazine pages.  The fancy tape was something I made out of masking tape.  (I’m a cheapskate… don’t want to succumb to buying the popular washi tape.)

These swaps made some mailboxes happy the last two weeks.  I try to post a ways after so that I don’t spoil the fun of the surprise.  Tomorrow, I have a travel themed swap going out… Haven’t quite finished it but I’m halfway done.