Shared Journal Experiment

Shared Journal ExperimentThis one’s a different kind of swap where we pass our journal to one participant per round until it gets full and it’s supposed to be sent back to us.

I joined 25 rounds in but I’m all excited.  Other participants were already on their second journal.

To start off, I created this journal using one I bought on sale at Barnes & Noble.  I removed the spring and redid the cover with a craft print out wrap and some collage work.  Flowers cut out of spring issues of regular magazines, a subway map print out and some printed masking tape — my version of washi or decorative tape.  I added pages to the journal and replaced the binding with three loose rings. 

We were supposed to write an introduction and our first journal prompt and the corresponding entry, then afterwards, end with a prompt for our swap partner to fill in.  

I sort of hit two birds with one stone by using one of the prompts in my 30 days of Blogging Prompts:  What are three passions that you have?  I used the same prompt for the next person in line.

I sent mine off a couple of days ago and I just got confirmation that it made it to its destination.

Can’t wait to get it back even if it means that’ll be for a while.

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