The 5 things that make me happiest now (30 days of blogging prompts 5)

I had drafted this list over the weekend but had postponed writing a full post on it until “later”.  But I had made a promise to myself I’d finish 10 of the 30 blogging prompts by midweek and start producing the actual journal, so “later” has to be “now”.

So here are the five things that make me happiest now:

1.  My son.  I often find myself marvelling at how his personality is evolving with each passing day. There always seem to be a moment I want to freeze in time and forever hold in frame.  But life goes on and on and on. 

2.  Crafting.  I feel like this passion for crafting is inextricably linked to my very personality now — it has changed the way I look at things.  I see washers strewn on the ground and I just want to pick them up.  I skim magazines and I see more than just the words in the articles — I see fonts, letters, the pretty flowers in the bouquet and how I want to cut them out to use for mail art later.

3.  Having achieved a sense of emotional balance after what has been a very challenging year for me.  This one is too profound and personal for me to write about even here.  I will save this for my journal.  Suffice it to say that I’ve come to realize I am both stronger and weaker than I thought myself to be. If anything, I came out of 2012 knowing myself better and coming to terms with the reality of who I really am.

4. Settling down at work.  I tell people I’m happier at work now.  It can be better — but we have come to a nice rhythm, my boss and I.  I have always looked at work as a source of income and a way to make myself useful.  I think I’m doing okay in both respects.  The way the economy is, I am eternally grateful that I have a job without being complacent where I’m at.

5. Being in a good place family wise.  Except for the fact that I miss Dad dearly, I’m happy everyone’s still around.  Mom at 73… I pray that we be given a few more years together.

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