Sunset past 7pm

Spring isn’t quite officially here yet, but we’ve been feeling the shift for a couple of days now, just don’t pay mind to the freezing temperatures.  Yesterday was another cold day and my bus took forever to come.  So I pulled out the bigger blackberry and snapped away.  Mind you, this was at around 6:30pm.  The sun hung around for a half hour or more afterwards.. quite a change from when I’d walk out at just after 5pm and find it pitch dark outside.  During the summer months, sunset is at 8pm.

Glass Canvas - Empire State Building reflection

I can never tire of taking pictures of the building reflections on this glass canvas.  Even without any variety, the way the light hits it or the colors that the Empire State Building are wrapped in are worth taking the snapshot every time.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures…Sun still up at past 6pm

This is what I see when I look up… It’s a good study of how things change through the seasons.  Soon the leaves will sprout anew and there will be a bit of green instead of the bare branches shown here.It's THAT COLD.. all bundled up while having coffee

It was THAT cold… all bundled up and having coffee…

Chrysler Building Reflection on the glass, NYC Taxi Cab
I was taking a picture of the yellow taxi cab which is an icon of NYC… then realized I had captured quite the reflection of the Chrysler Building. Gorgeous as always.

The week has been very exhausting — maybe I got spoiled because the boss was out almost 2 weeks before Tuesday.  Next week is another busy week but I have my lulls.  I stayed up late last night finishing a new technique for an all-black background ATC.  I don’t want any spoilers so I’m waiting a bit.. also did a handmade postcard which I’m hoping my partner will like.

Happy Friday everyone!