Mail Art: Travel and other swaps

 I’m getting to like Mail Art swapping at Swap-bot.  Here’s one of the swaps I sent out a few days ago over to Tara — the theme was TRAVEL.

So Iprinted a vintage world map as background and added elements relevant to me personally.  A print out of my Philippine passport, a Schengen visa and I added several immigration stamps in and out of the Philippines and New York.  It wouldn’t be complete without a subway map print out which I pasted front to back.

Mail Art: Travel (Decorated envelope - Front)

Mail Art: Travel (Decorated envelope - Back)

This second set of photos shows three tags I had created for the second round of Quote Prompt Mini-Journal swap. The idea was to choose three quotes and put them on individual tags. We’re supposed to compile the tags we receive into a mini-journal by binding them through the single tage hole on each one and be able to flip through the album for inspiration.

Quote Prompt Mini-Journal #2 (Side A)

I chose three women in variosu paintings of Botticelli and then put in quotes about “self”. 

I felt more challenged to come up with something very crafty for this tag set and I tried to add embellishments that I could “laminate” with mod podge onto the chipboard collaged tag I had hand made.  Two sets went out to two partners.
Quote Prompt Mini-Journal #2 (Side B)