My Pet Peeves (30 days of Blogging Prompts 11)

I’m skipping prompts while leaving some unpublished.  Please bear with me.

It just so happens that I’m now trying to rush through the rest of the prompts (which isn’t all that long given that prompts 11-30 are basically lists.)  I have already started producing the journal itself and hope to come up with half the book by the weekend.  (Ambitious, I know..)  I’ve finally decided on size, font and font size, and have started doing print tests.  I am confident I”ll make the deadline.

I have always said I have three pet peeves — things I hate and which throw me off when they happen.

1.  Being made to wait.

2.  Being pinched.

3.  Being scared out of my wits.

You’ll have to pardon me for just listing this down without doing a full write up.  I’d like to save that for the journal itself.  For some reason, I’m soooo exhausted.  It’s snowing again.  Tomorrow will be quite the horror when it comes to the commute.  Sigh.  Just another burden of winter…