If I were an animal…(30 days of blogging prompts 15)

I’d choose to be a dog.

This is one of those prompts which I tried to answer as spontaneously as I can.

I would choose to be a dog  because dogs are intelligent and loyal.  They are also domesticated so they can live with their owners.  I would be able to care of my owner just as she or he could care for me.

I like the idea of being at liberty to roam free even if I “belong” to someone.  I wouldn’t want to be kept in a cage.  I would want to be touched and hugged.

We had one of these pekingese dogs a while back.  It was a “he” and was fiercely loyal to my mom.  We called him “Prince” and he had such lovely hair that he had his own special comb to make sure they didn’t get tangled up.  He would sleep outside my Mom’s door, taking full advantage of the cool air from the airconditioner seeping through the crack.


One thought on “If I were an animal…(30 days of blogging prompts 15)

  1. Years ago there was this Pekingese that happened to get lost twice and was picked up by the passengers. I was thinking if they didn’t find the owner, even if my cats won’t agree, I would adopt it. Pekingese are so beautiful and gentle.


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