Project night

So I managed to make it to the 5:30 Super Express bus.  One single pick up in the city and it headed for home.  I was at my doorstep in an hour, and I started cooking dinner.  Fried chicken wings for the boy (current fave dinner of choice) and T-bone steak for us grownups with a side of asparagus. 

I fell asleep as we entered the tunnel and occasionally woke up when the burly man beside me snored a single burst extra loud every now and again.  Just my luck — not even my exhaustion was deep enough to shield me from the noise.  It would have been blissful to just slide off to dreamland uninterrupted.

I have major writing to do as my 30 days of blogging prompts deadline is fast approaching.  (April 6 is the last day to send out.)  I have so far successfully laid out around 5 of the 30 prompts.  Not much, I know.. but the longer ones are already in the works, even if I haven’t published it here yet.  I’m really getting into some serious writing, but I’m wary to publish it in full in such a public space like here.  I am producing two copies of the book, and I’m working in earnest because I’m keeping one copy. 

My Book of Treasures is also progressing very well — my swap partner is also into Nicoletta Ceccoli, and I’ve found a nice way to incorporate the graphics into something I wanted to put into the book.  I’m being vague because I don’t want to give anything away. =)  It’s that kind of satisfaction when one is creating from scratch and things come together spontaneously.

I’m doing a spring envelope collage for a mail art swap due tomorrow.  I like this pace.  I’m not constantly running after deadlines although I kind of miss getting mail constantly.  (That’s the trade off of the slowdown, I guess.)

Midnight now and heading off to dreamland.  I’m watching a performance of Angelo’s in school tomorrow before going to work.  My boy’s dancing… =)  Can’t wait.


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