Friday thoughts

I have been itching to write since this morning but had to wait until the lunchbreak hit — and so here I am.  (I’m trying to instill discipline so I can get more work done.)   I usually write the title of the post, but I have no idea what to call this one, because I have a hundred things I want to write about. 

Change of plans.  You know how you peg your calendar on someone’s plans and look forward to something nice like a very light and relaxing week — then that someone (the boss) changes HIS plans.  So I’m twiddling my thumbs trying not to let it get to me.  He was supposed to go on a trip then changed his mind.  I guess it means it’ll just be another regular work week.  I’m just glad I haven’t set up any lunch dates, but I am hoping I can find time to spend even just a quick one with cousin M somehow.

Feeling the love at work.  The boss did make my day with a stellar review which makes me feel appreciated indeed.  Of course we can always hope for more (chaching!) but I SHOULD be happy and AM happy about the figures I saw on my comp sheet.  (God is good!)  I always remind myself that I am more than fortunate to (1) have a job in these uncertain times, (2) have THE job that I have, given how huge this organization I work for is, and (3) that I feel secure where I am, although I am never one to get complacent.

Missing home again.  I’m over the denial of Mom’s visa renewal.  We’re making other plans.  Still, I miss home terribly.  Thinking about the bibingka with quezo de bola at Via Mare… halo-halo at the Peninsula.  Even just the hot air.. the hot pandesal (which is tops on my boy’s list)… sigh.   I still dream of the day when I can spend a birthday back home… someday.

Freezing cold in NYC!  I went out to grab lunch for the boss and maybe a treat for me, but I had to go out and rush back in because the air was frigid.. BAD!  I couldn’t wait to go  back inside the warm confines of my cubicle.  (Forget that there is such bad static on the floor we actually see the sparks fly.)

Happy Friday, everyone!  (