Feedback on Feedback.. and Pinay New Yorker thanks you

I know I’ve always said I write for myself.  (Selfish but honest reason, in truth.)  I told cousin M that I have thought about monetizing the blog and trying to write more in line with something that would kick up the readership but it has torn me and ruined my writing focus.  Besides, I don’t have the time to even update my affiliate accounts at this point. However, it heartens me to see my viewer ticker moving up, thanks to WordPress’s stats.  I see a general picture of views vs. visitors, and the countries that have “popped in” .  I have to be honest, it’s gratifying to see people straying into my space, even if perhaps it was but a cursory glance. I wish I could bloghop as much as I used to, but work is getting busy (yes, I’m staying put).  I do “walk around” the blogsphere but have a hard time leaving comments because of software that block certain “pictures” or “fields” and I have to figure out which is which.

But this post is about Feedback on Feedback.. something which I used to do more promptly, but again, time is something I haven’t had much of lately, more so since I’m on the homestretch over two projects due next weekend.  I guess my request for people who visit to leave me a note sparked these three comments which have warmed my heart and spurred me to keep on writing.

JJ stopped by a few days ago and commented on one of my 30 days of Blogging Prompts posts: My Dream Job and said:

Hi! I have been reading your posts for quite sometime now, and I find them interesting. I chanced upon your blog many months back when I was trying to “search” or find information on what I would later find out as a common friend of ours, Pia K. It’s been ages since I last saw her in high school so I was wondering how she is. If you do get a chance, please do say HI.

I, too, lived in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side, in the late 1990s before moving to the Bay Area in 2000. To this day, NYC is still the best place for me and would return in a heartbeat. I try to visit as often as I can, the last being Christmas 2011.

I do enjoy your posts. Very candid. Personal. Best wishes, and happy birthday.


And the Pinay New Yorker says:

JJ, thanks for the visit and I will try to stop by when I get the chance to roam the blogsphere every now and again.  I am so envious about your son making it to Bellarmine!   And — talk about a small world..!  Pia K is a very dear friend… I will write about that via e-mail one of these days.  One thing I have found very gratifying with the kind of conversations I’ve had in this blog is that it has connected me with the most unlikely people I thought would walk in..

Thanks, again, JJ..

It takes some effort to leave a comment and we oftentimes read someone’s blog but leave without saying hello.  Not that it’s required, but if you enjoyed reading something or found yourself reacting to something that was said, every blogger who has their comment function on will agree that it is gratifying to read someone’s reaction to something you wrote.

Then a fellow member, Maricar, at Swap-bot stopped by and left a comment regarding my post, Five Strenghts and Five Weaknesses and said:

Found you through swapbot.. i am a filipina living in the emerald isle. nice blog. (mara76)

And the Pinay New Yorker (who goes by GothamChick on Swap-bot) says:

Mari, thanks for letting me know a fellow swapper’s been here.  I, too, try to find fellow-Filipina swappers on the site.  It was a postcard trading friend from Manila who brought me into swap-bot, too. (curiosakat)  Hope to bump into you in one of the swaps…thanks, again.

And finally, one of those comments that just makes you stop a while to take a deep breath, take it in and you find yourself smiling for that connection.  Clarita wrote in response to the same blog prompt:

I wish I had your motivation, resilience, strength, vision, patience, bravery, intelligence and much more when I was your age. I am too old now and all I could do is just dream of what I could have been. Sometimes I think we all have our own paths and I am walking on mine and its getting short now.

I read your blog and other Filipina blogs and I am so proud of all your achievements. I seldom leave comments but I thought this time its an exception. I wish you the best in all your endeavor.

To which the Pinay New Yorker says:

I am honored with the exception you afforded me by letting me hear your thoughts about the things I’ve written.  Thank you.  Your comment actually touched me in a different way much too profound for me to write about.  It’s one of those things where I find myself wondering if that was the universe talking to me again through you. 

Maraming salamat, po.






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