Writing Frenzy

I’ve posted prolificly over the weekend, and I’m not quite finished yet. Halfway through, yes. (Thank God!)  It’s me cramming, like always.  My deadline is on Saturday.  I am seriously thinking of requesting for an extension from my swap partner in the 30 days journal swap.  But I might make it.. yet.=)

I’ve really enjoyed the writing despite the pressure of producing the work with the deadline.  I should’ve started sooner — but I didn’t realize I was going to lay it out like I have.  I hope to produce 5 more prompts tomorrow, although not necessarily putting it up here simultaneously.  I have the 4-5 prompts which I have chosen to keep private, too, and they’re supposed to be some of the more difficult ones to answer.

I’ll get to them soon enough.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter everyone. =)  We heard mass earlier, had lunch, headed home and rested.  (I wrote, cut my pages, and worked on my Book of Treasures.)  I really should be turning in soon.  I have to pull together a “Stuff-an-envelope” swap for tomorrow. 

Monday.. and April!  It’s officially the second quarter of the year.  Can you believe that?  Here’s to another week…

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