So today I turned 47…

THAT somehow feels so old.  And not even the genuine surprise of people who find out I’m as old as I am makes it feel any better.  47…

I spent the day with my “bodyguard” in the city.  Lunch at Junior’s in Times Square, a ride downtown to visit The Ink Pad (as recommended by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs, my crafting guru), then back to midtown to grab something at Sephora and then of course, the very point of the trek to the city: a visit to the flagship Toys R’ Us.  And what do you know — we even made it to the new flagship store of Disney a few steps away, then a quick snack at a McDonald’s a few steps farther we’ve never visited.

We were home by six.. dinner is being picked up from our favorite Thai restaurant, but we’ve opted to eat in after a long tiring day.

I’m exhausted.  I’m thankful for all the greetings — I haven’t even had the chance to respond on Facebook.  I’m just glad I got to spend my birthday with my boy.  We rode the bus, the subway (which he really enjoyed) and walked… and he still didn’t want to go home!  If I had the strength, I would have relented.

I had a really fun day… here’s to another year…hoping for the best.. but I’ll settle for better.

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