Minibook Swap – Video Reveal

My swap finally made it to my partner who was rather happy with what I sent, so I’ve edited the video a little by adding an opening billboard and a closing billboard.

I had to improvise using one of my blackberry cams perched atop an inverted plastin bin in front of me.  I used to have a video cam I’d attach to one of my computers for video chats but I’ve long since misplaced it and can’t find it now. =(  I think this is a good first attempt at a video all the same.  I’ll try to shoot the next one with the video option of my camera.  It’s not as easy to shoot when you’re trying to keep out of the frame.  Ha!

I will need more arm clearance next time because I’m due to shoot my Book of Treasures. I’m already a bit delayed but I’m making it worth the wait. Meanwhile, here’s my mini-book reveal:

Concerned Citizen, I haven’t forgotten…

I received a letter from a young man who strayed into my blog with a life question. I am touched to have been asked to give my two cents’ worth, and I haven’t forgotten. Like I wrote you, Concerned Citizen, I just wanted to be able to sit down and write a coherent answer to your query.   Just give me a little more time…

Sometimes, the answer we seek is found in the most unexpected places.  It’s like channelling the universe.  I get a lot from television these days.  Like these scriptwriters actually knew what was running through my head and came up with an answer.  Bam!  Or from songs I hear from out of the blue… “You are not alone…”… “Searching for a heart”… “Body of Christ, save me…”..

E-mails, queries, recipe questions, and what have you are always welcome.   Gives me a sense of who’s been here.. thanks for making me a part of your day even but for a minute when you glanced into my corner of the web.

Between swaps

I’m almost ready to wrap up my Blogging Prompts for 30 Days Journal Swap — happily.  Meanwhile, I’m editing the first video of a minibook I had sent out last week.  I thought it would be a good way to document what I had made as pictures won’t do them justice.  I will wait for until the recipient actually gets them because I’d hate to spoil the surprise. 

So with my birthday week over, I’m officially 47.  Birthdays are a double-edged sword in many respects.  They bring both good and bad thoughts and memories and I can understand why some people opt to just let the day pass without a celebration.  That might just be the case the next time I hit another birthday.

I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time playing Angry Birds these days.  Most nights, I even end up staying way past my midnight bedtime because I’m trying to clear a level.  With all the updates, I’ve actually had to brush up on my pig-smashing skills and I kind of like it.  =)  I think I’m going to lay low with the swaps after I complete the ones I had signed up for already.

Meanwhile, I have my Book of Treasures to finish tonight.  (If not tomorrow, hopefully.)  Another video to make once done.