Concerned Citizen, I haven’t forgotten…

I received a letter from a young man who strayed into my blog with a life question. I am touched to have been asked to give my two cents’ worth, and I haven’t forgotten. Like I wrote you, Concerned Citizen, I just wanted to be able to sit down and write a coherent answer to your query.   Just give me a little more time…

Sometimes, the answer we seek is found in the most unexpected places.  It’s like channelling the universe.  I get a lot from television these days.  Like these scriptwriters actually knew what was running through my head and came up with an answer.  Bam!  Or from songs I hear from out of the blue… “You are not alone…”… “Searching for a heart”… “Body of Christ, save me…”..

E-mails, queries, recipe questions, and what have you are always welcome.   Gives me a sense of who’s been here.. thanks for making me a part of your day even but for a minute when you glanced into my corner of the web.

4 thoughts on “Concerned Citizen, I haven’t forgotten…

  1. Bernie

    Thanks for your presence in the blog world…There are times that I get the answers from your blog…Or the times that you share something that I really totally get you because that is how i also feel…For that and more…Thanks !!!!


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