Love Language … Huh? (30 days of bloggins prompts 28)

This is one prompt that made me go “hmmmmmm” several times. Hmmmmmm, indeed.

So I went online and tried to google “LOVE LANGUAGE,” and while I am not certain I got it right, I landed on a page ( where they had identified 5 love languages:

Words of affirmation
Acts of service
Receiving gifts
Quality Time
Physical Touch

 I would have to pick Physical Touch as my love language, being a very tactile person and all who is not afraid to touch others.

No matter how I go to words to express what’s inside of me, and how easy it is for me to actually talk about my feelings, I express my fondness for others through touching.  I also like being held and touched in an affectionate way, because to me it is a deeper connection beyond just “knowing” or “hearing” about how someone else might care for me.  So I do the same and touch others to show them I care.

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