A Prayer and a Thought

I woke up today to more news about yesterday’s tragedy and we continue to feel the heaviness brought on by the carnage we keep hearing about.  I’ll say it again: let’s continue praying for Boston.

Naturally, there is a silent but pervasive buzz in New York City today as well.  We are no strangers to tragedies like this and despite the normally vigilant stance the city takes, we can never be complacent.

It makes me pause to think about what dangers might lurk around my home city now — and I am sure there are a ton that we aren’t even remotely aware of — and I get a barrage of mini-panic attacks around my list of “What ifs” bordering on the paranoid.

It’s during times like this when I look to a higher power for calm.  I suddenly remember I haven’t said my morning prayers.  I usually talk to God as I walk to the bus stop.  I got a free ride today.  In the end, there isn’t really much that we can do in the face of all the threats surrounding us.  We can never be too careful, true, but in the long run, there’s more to the equation than our caution.  That’s why I pray.

Last night, I was watching television before turning in, and I must say I have been struck by how several of the heroines we see on TV today are “non-believers” — is it a trend in television shows now to keep away from religion?  Perhaps.  Alicia Florick in THE GOOD WIFE “does not believe” even if her teenage daughter had “found” religion and is a born again Christian in the show.  Dr. Bones in BONES is too much of a scientific genius that she dismisses the miracles attributed to Jesus Christ as myths, yet backpedals and says that the reason the myths have persisted is because people have learned to forgive.  (paraphrasing last night’s episode).  Even Dr. Megan Hunt in BODY OF PROOF doesn’t “practice” her religion (which is not identified) and had asked her daughter Lacy if she minded that they didn’t go to church.

I’m not looking for religion in television, but that it is declared that the main character of the show has none to speak of gives me pause.  Why the need to declare this facet of that character’s personality when religion is not an integral slant in the show?

Just another passing thought in the midst of reflecting upon the tragedy so close to where I’m at and how it has emphasized the need for prayer to me personally, at least.


I was hoping to catch up with posting about my swaps which had made it to their intended recipients — or of the big trip I took last Saturday… but the events that unfolded in Boston this afternoon totally threw me off and had shocked my mind to silence.  It’s only now as I am getting ready for bed did I finally find the words to write.

I’m praying for the families who lost a loved one — of the more than a hundred people injured.  One of the fatalities was an 8-year-old boy.  When I heard this, I called my son to me and hugged him tight.  I feel for the mother and father now grieving the loss of their child.

Yet another reminder of how fragile life is.

Thank You, Lord, for another day… for bringing my son home safe.  Every day, I pray that he be kept safe and healthy in Your care.